Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good luck or bad luck?

I enjoy the inspiring story of the Chinese farmer who had one son and one horse. One day the horse ran off to the hills. Everybody came and said, "Oh, you lost your horse; what bad luck! The old Chinese farmer replied, "How do you know it is bad luck?" And sure enough, that night the one horse came back and led twelve wild stallions with him. The one son closed the gate and the farmer had thirteen horses.

The neighbors came again and exclaimed, "Oh, what good luck!" The old farmer answered, "How do you know it is good luck?" And sure enough, as the one son was to break one of the wild stallions, he was thrown off and broke his leg. The neighbors lamented, "Oh what bad luck." Again, the Chinese farmer questioned, "How do you know it is bad luck?"

A short time later a Chinese warlord came through town and drafted all the able-bodied young men and took them off to war with him. Those young men never returned. But the farmer's one son was spared and so he lived a full, long life.

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