Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Touching true story of puppy Mari

Tale of Mari and Three Puppies
Mari To Koinu No Monogatari

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looking for Gold

At one time, Andrew Carnegie was the wealthiest man in America. He came to America from his native Scotland when he was a small boy, did a variety of jobs, and eventually ended up as the largest steel manufacturer in the United States. At one time, he had 43 millionaires working for him. In those days a millionaire was a rare person; conservatively speaking, a million dollars in his day would be equivalent to at least twenty million dollars today.

A reporter asked Carnegie how he had hired 43 millionaires. Carnegie responded that those men had not been millionaires when they started working for him but had become millionaires as a result.

The reporter’s next question was, “How did you develop these men to become so valuable to you that you have paid them this much money?” Carnegie replied that men are developed the same way gold is mined. When gold is mined, several tons of dirt must be moved to get an ounce of gold; but one doesn’t go into the mine looking for dirt—one goes in looking for gold.

Don’t look for the flaws and blemishes. Look for the gold, not for the dirt; the good, not the bad. Look for the positive aspects of life. Like everything else, the more good qualities we look for, the more good qualities we are going to find.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunshine on cloudy days

for my friend,

Without you,
Days seems so dark and gloomy
Seeing not the beauty, but life's reality
The thick clouds covering the sun
Forbidding the wandering sunshine to have fun.

I just wonder
Will there be sunshine on a cloudy day?
And make the birds and butterflies fly around to play.
Will there be rainbow after the rain?
Just like a smile after the pain.

Until you came
The clouds break out, letting the sunshine in
To touch the flowers and shines on him.
Melting the snow and let violets sprouts again
And let the shadow of love comes out from the rain.

Are like shadows in the dusk
A soft breeze when the day is withering fast
They are like sunshine in the early dawn
Making one's heart smile with joy, not with a frown
A sun that shines and sparkles in the river
Painting their faces in the clear sleeping water.

Friends, thank you for being my sunshine
Making my life threading on the line.