Sunday, January 10, 2010

Children SEE, Children DO

Comments from Youtube users:

"it's true how these innocent souls follow us....and become one of us later for which we only complain about later........"

"Great commercial - I agree with the fact that everyone should set a good example, because no good kid wants to see their mom get beat up, and crap. These kids see and do, because they look up to the people who raised them. But they grow out of that and become independent. They become their own person, and they ARE their own person. So, whatever they see, whatever happens, their choices are their own, in the end."

"This goes for parents and famous people. The future does look up to you, so please make us want to do good. Because I'm 13 and I've realized I take after my parents ALOT. Its just natural, growing up with them.......and my parents aren't the best examples. Same with the famous people. I look up to them also and wanna be like them.. So parents and older people, please watch what you do and say. because you all are raising the future."

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