Sunday, January 10, 2010

Disconnect to Connect - (dtac Thailand TVC)

This commercial video is one of the most meaningful videos ever.

In these days when technology is advanced and mobile phones are so affordable, people tend to put their focus on the talking and messaging (or perhaps, gaming as well) devices.

They have unintentionally neglected the people surrounding them.

Is this technology good or bad?

Apart from mobile phone, I personally think the internet has the same impact on everyone as well. Have you realised that sometimes you have resorted to using chat messenger to convey messages to your siblings as well, when they are just a few steps away in the other room?

What have gone wrong?

The ease to communication has somehow distant communication.

Disconnect to connect - this means to put down your mobile phone in order to communicate better with the one besides you. The person besides you probably needs more attention.

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