Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Never ever forget your parents

* When I’m old, and not myself anymore.
o Please understand me, give me a little more patience.

* When I spill my soup on my shirt, and I forgotten how to tie my shoelaces,
o Please remember how I first taught you to do everything with my hands.

* When I keep repeating and nagging you over and over again,
o Please be patient and listen to me, don’t interrupt me.
o When you’re young, I had to keep repeating thousands hundreds of time to mould you to who you are.

* When I require you to bath me,
o Please don’t find me irritating.
o Do remember how I find all means and methods just to bath you.

* When new technologies and stuff I don’t understand,
o Please don’t laugh at me.
o Think of how I replied to so many of your (Why..)s when you’re young.

* When my legs are tired and unable to walk,
o Please lend me your young strength to hold me.
o Just like how I hold you when you started your first step in life.

* When I suddenly forgot our conversation topic,
o Please give me some time to think.
o Actually to me, the topic is not important, all I want is to have you by my side to listen and I’ll be satisfied.

* When you see me getting older, please don’t be sad.
o Understand me, encourage me, just like how I treated you when you started to learn everything in life.

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