Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Soul

[Korea's Got Talent] tvN 코리아 갓 탤런트 Ep.1 Sung-bong Choi

It doesn't matter who you are, as long as you have a dream, persist it.


I heard he went to Art High School, but he could barely graduate because of his financial problem. I bet he couldn't get private lessons or support for his vocal training.. I admire him even more!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously cried when he started singing.. just wanna give him a Huge Hug!!
Bring it on Sung-bong!!! :)

I am really proud of you as a Korean. God bless you.!!

this young man is truly inspirational..well done..god bless you..all my love to u from Australia...

I sometimes think that this new media technology is just a little too much, but then I see something like this , which without this techonology I would never would have had the pleasure.... Wow! you may not have been blessed as a child, but you have been blessed with talent, I hope you find the road to success and recognition through your amazing gift, many hugs and blessings from Australia!

so unbelievable. good job bro, you're amazing.

I am a classical singer, and a Filipino. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for this wonderful 8-minute story of inspiration. It made me proud to be Asian. Praise God for wonderful talents like this. More power Sung-bong Choi, more power KGT.

He touched my heart as he sang from his soul. What a gifted singer

It is the soul, crafted by Sung Bong Choi's trials that lend beauty to his rendition of Nella Fantasia. Comparing him to a Sara Brightman only proves his talent but the two are very different, not that he is better - his is a wonderful performance by its own merit. Music, it heals the soul and I pray his life turns around for the better.

If some respectful Korean organisation opens a bank account. I think millions people in the world will donate to change his life!

I'm really a FAN on him ..

you maybe made us cry , but those tears are the signs of our expressing that we are happy for you though your a loner , you fight for your future , you never give up .. people are very very proud on you .. keep up the good job. !

thanks for inspiring everyone ..

Choi Sung Bong has been in two major car accidents when he was young, and since he couldn't afford the payment then, he left the hospital. Now he is still undergoing treatment in hospital to make up for that. Each time he visitied, he sang opera to the fellow patients and he has been on the newspaper for that some years ago. God Bless

Lyrics: In my imagination I see a fair world, Everyone lives in peace and in honesty there. I dream of souls that are always free, Like the clouds that fly, Full of humanity in the depths of the soul. In my imagination I see a bright world, Even the night is less dark there. I dream of souls that are? always free, Like clouds that fly. In my imagination there exists a warm wind, That breathes on the cities, like a friend. I dream of souls that are always free, ...

this one's really amazing, same as with paul potts and susan boyle of Britain (try watching them too) they all have in common, unexpected but incredible amazing talents, they are all gifted. God is really equal loving us.. superb..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!


so cute <3
tjsm143 13 minutes ago

Thank you that’s so nice to watch something positive like that these Days!

Best wishes from Switzerland!

AnnickCC 15 minutes ago

wow... high five for originality :D
Ah19934 28 minutes ago

I thought it was super cute that she could tell it was her boyfriend as soon as he started talking :]
sarahlamppost 32 minutes ago

That was beautiful!
Hehechea 40 minutes ago

omg ! i love this video :)
Mafiachiqkone 56 minutes ago

I cried like a bitch, this was gorgeous!
RicaDominicana 1 hour ago

umh ok that was a cool proposal i will say.

but can we watch the movies now???????
jackal1001 1 hour ago

rare guy! <3
MissRizG 1 hour ago

SO SWEET!!!!!!!
MissRizG 1 hour ago

this was uploaded on may 16th .. and on the same day i proposed my best friend (girl) got rejected though :( .. .. and i didnt even know that when i was so sad.. somewhere in the world was happy like never!! i feel very happy for matt and ginny , i hope i will get "my ginny" someday ahead in the future.. on a may 16th .. in some year
harry140813 1 hour ago 2

girls stop trying to be impressed into marriage.. its gross.. not to mention false.
ihfppl 1 hour ago

omg that was soooo sweet. love it.
MizzNana112 1 hour ago
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BV10707 2 hours ago
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BV10707 2 hours ago

itsracheel 2 hours ago

What is the song that plays in the end?
RosanaLobs 2 hours ago

@RosanaLobs Lets get married - Jagged Edge

jigga599 1 hour ago

WOW! Thisis the best wedding proposal ever in the history of wedding proposals. There's really no point in trying to think of a better one and for all us guys out there but to just get on one knee wherever and just pop the question. This guy Matt planned the best and greatest wedding proposal ever but he spent all this time and energy that there's no way he can top this and plan his honeymoon better than this lol. Great job Matt and God Bless both of you in your life long marriage :)
Dec2three198five33 2 hours ago

Congrats to both of you! Ginny your a lucky woman, hope i find my "matt" someday :) p.s. whats the song that plays in this video?
tans90 2 hours ago

He should start planning anniversary ideas
XitemeM 2 hours ago

They will be divorced in 2 yrs !

mcbloomin 2 hours ago

the black guy in the back just wants his fucking movie LOL

stallionspride 2 hours ago 2

The first I've seen is right after church.
tylus101 2 hours ago

What a real pimp! this guy is a creative genius!! wit a twisted mix of hip hop haha.. gotta love this!
e1krimez87 2 hours ago

ke buena onda, que buena sorpresa, todos por un momento querriamos algo asi :)
alexgrungelee 2 hours ago

I want this.
Dawk20 3 hours ago

Yes, this is not the best, but is the sweetest moment for matt and ginny, this is the best start for them, and wish everything will be better and better. You both are the best in your own way!
louiss168 3 hours ago 3

THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN...hip hop music. X^p
sudynim 3 hours ago

holly crap wen i get married i want him 2 do this
Susan5nah 3 hours ago

Hopefully when its my turn and I do this no one will remember this.
TheTornadoStrikes 3 hours ago

those poor people who just wanted to watch the movie
theundersudy 3 hours ago 2

Aw. I was on the edge of my seat when you were on the way to the movie theater. BEST BEST BEST proposal hands down. God bless. (:

The things men will do for some pussy...
razorhanny 3 hours ago

@razorhanny exactly. It really isn't that important.

CMcFreeze 2 hours ago

That guy is the fucking man!
omgshesdead 3 hours ago

how much did u pay for that?
Cesartripe0 3 hours ago

the black guy in the background when they are hugging and stuff is just like - what the fuck is going on here i came to watch the hangover!
Maadsnake 3 hours ago 9

Real cool. Now there are gonna be copycats wasting my day doing this same thing when I'm at a theater to watch a movie that doesn't suck.
sorijin 3 hours ago

Yeh Boy Wooooooooooo
Waagyu 4 hours ago

lol it was ok i guess

xDarkcynx 4 hours ago

koolvids09 4 hours ago

Can't wait for part 2 : The Divorce
Magicthename 4 hours ago 19

@Magicthename why'd you have to ruin the magic of this? this is why the world is so hopeless.
oldwarplanes 1 hour ago 3

@oldwarplanes yea i hope everything goes well for them but thats a hilarious comment. made me laugh after i cried like a school girl bitch
FinFags 29 minutes ago

@Magicthename lol this was a really great idea and i thought it was really nice of him but that comment is quite hilarious
FinFags 30 minutes ago

i'm a straight guy, but my eyes went teary while I was watching the trailer part
flydanieltv 4 hours ago

i hate being single :(
aussiery 4 hours ago 9

awww...that was just the sweetest thing!  congratulations you two! talk about doing it the right way.

sweet808bebot 4 hours ago

ok that was a cool proposal but did she end up watching that movie???
UrFavouriteTroll 4 hours ago

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
niki2717 4 hours ago

wooo so sweet *.*

idknow2012 4 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 4 hours ago

PS... don't pay attention to the naysayers and negative opinions of others. Simple: JEALOUS!! Congrats again
COGICHolyGhostwitnes 4 hours ago

can you guys sit down so i could watch the movie.

Thank you.

Great imagination.

good job
Frijo1 4 hours ago

Sir, this was the greatest... def making it harder for all the young bachlors out here! But, you've given me, a young man, a standard and goal to shoot for!!!! Blessings and best wishes to both of you!
COGICHolyGhostwitnes 4 hours ago

This was awesome, but almost exactly the same as mysteryguitarman's.
carvver 4 hours ago

@carvver Ok I get it. guitarman did this already. Now can everyone stop posting about it?

CMcFreeze 4 hours ago

@CMcFreeze Hey, it's not some conspiracy to annoy you, i was just commenting on the video.
carvver 3 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 5 hours ago

The universal intro footage is used at the beginning of his video. Now isint that illegal ?? :p

Wedding proposal Gone Bad! FAIL!!!
KUSHALRAHA 5 hours ago

@KUSHALRAHA no actually, It wasn't used for commercial purposes, so STFU ;)
DarthLuke6 5 hours ago 3

@KUSHALRAHA dry.....
Deecimal 4 hours ago

chinchin05 5 hours ago
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7xXSE7ENXx7 5 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 5 hours ago

If I were her, I would speak less and pay more attention to the proposal movie and smile or cry more :P
Hitsugayamegumi 5 hours ago

this guy just made 12 million men mad! lol
wakeup186 5 hours ago

This is the most AWESOMEST marriage porposal EVAR!! XD
Madcat717 5 hours ago

My honey better come up with something this brillant... I LOVE IT!! CONGRATS!!
Selenas101 5 hours ago

is this great escape in stockbridge,ga?
melissa6295 5 hours ago

I think the popcorn bit could have been left out....
mitchamus 5 hours ago


hey you started it son. and your telling me that theres a girl naked in your bed, and your on youtube?

rachelovesyoulots 5 hours ago

yeeeaaaaa boiiiiii!!!1

1337superboy 5 hours ago

It was cute until the AWFUL song they chose after she said yes. Absolutely killed the mood. Otherwise, very awesome
LivyLovesTCR 5 hours ago

Hats off to you Matt! Wishing that you guys keep making each other as happy as you were in the video for the rest of your lives!
shamsulshaikh 5 hours ago

I admit, I cried like a baby lol. Very well done!!
princesslulu1 5 hours ago

Everybody wish for d greatest marriage proposal. ;)
Mrderick32 5 hours ago

Yeah, very nice, whatever...
davidpoiu62 6 hours ago

EvanEatYou 6 hours ago

This actually made me tear up!! This is definitely one of the most unique and adorable proposals I've ever seen or heard of. It's woderful! Best of luck to you both.
ellinachka 6 hours ago

who can out beat this one??? this is epic
hydrofizzful 6 hours ago

soooo sweet, i never cry when watching sad n romantic movies n all but ds really moved me!
hydrofizzful 6 hours ago

@mstenacious1 I see your point. I didn't pay attention to all the Facebook and Twitter stuff before.
ilovecoke23 6 hours ago

matt you're awesome! Ginny there's no way you could have ever said no after that proposal! Congrats :)
IWent2BandCamp 6 hours ago

ldeahaddad99 6 hours ago

i jacked off to this ... i'm so emotional right now. 
phpfanboi 6 hours ago

dh3684 6 hours ago

Mystery Guitar Man do this before!

But, this is still good! Congrats!
BG4X 7 hours ago

Bravo Sir Good Form :D Good luck yall
digitman117 7 hours ago

Assista LEGENDADO em portugues /watch?v=6WMDcwUAVL4
EuAssistoJustTV 7 hours ago 4

awww this made me cry!! SO SWEET! Congratulations!
cheer7blondie9 7 hours ago

yoh dude i would like to do like this its just great i dont have words to discribe my feelings man love it

mo786sonia 7 hours ago

Wow this is awesome and very inspiring. It inspired me to do something loving and creative for my proposal. God Bless:)
Naeolden 7 hours ago

RoriSutton 7 hours ago

Very Touching! Good job!
singtoyou52 7 hours ago

That's adorable! :)
nikishah90 7 hours ago

Very original & romantic. Made me teary-eyed.
princesaplastica 7 hours ago

What a D-bag, i mean good for him for coming up with something original but please don't put this shit on youtube. now every bitch in the world thinks her boyfriend/fiance/husband is an asshole because he didn't have a dozen people help him ask her to marry him.
justin7803 7 hours ago

This is by FAR the BEST wedding proposal in history! I was in tears while I watched this. (: She's lucky to have such a sweet guy. Best wishes to them (:
thee1Laura 7 hours ago 60

Wow cant watch this without crying, thats just sick...
Waldquelle187 7 hours ago

this is absolutely proposal ever. <3
kaitlynxd9 7 hours ago

at 4:00 it's o fortuna
THEMASSHOW 7 hours ago

Hotty95394 7 hours ago

Soooo adorable and creative! Girl you are so lucky!! Made me cry.
Hockey11VR 8 hours ago

What was the name of the music at 3:15???? And 4:00? Anyone plz?
DreadfulControversy 8 hours ago

@DreadfulControversy The song is made by Michael Scofield - Why the bitch dont fart loud enough to make me go poopie.. its a great song
shinyralle 7 hours ago

@shinyralle Michael Scofield is from Prison Break. Stop being useless for once, but I guess that would be a hard task for you.
DreadfulControversy 7 hours ago

I agree, this is the best proposal ever.
xoxoBadRhymerxoxo 8 hours ago

What was the name of the music at 3:15????
DreadfulControversy 8 hours ago

cutest thing ever<3
michellenicolex 8 hours ago

I love "Is there makeup under my eyes??" TOOOO Cute!!! I'm uber jealous! <3 The best to you both!!!
misskamgam 8 hours ago

I wonder what happened to Fast Five!
ankitojha30101990 8 hours ago

The 2,400ish people who dislike this should be car bombed
11Lemonz 8 hours ago

2,427 people are mad because their proposals werent this good
iowabowhunter96 8 hours ago 94

wow... that's setting the bar HIGH.

ThereseJag 8 hours ago
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ultrajasonlolx5609 8 hours ago

KlonDikeChick 8 hours ago

:) :) :)
cheerstars1001 8 hours ago

what song is it at 3:48??????
marianalucia1000 8 hours ago

@marianalucia1000 Its Oh Fortuna from the Carmina Burana. Its in latin.
jbecknz 8 hours ago

@jbecknz thanks :D
marianalucia1000 8 hours ago

where is the bed scene???....hell no...i want the complete movie...

hbrabim 8 hours ago

i think i heard some guy scream MAKE LOVE. lolwut.
MushieAndMe 8 hours ago
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ultrajasonlolx5609 8 hours ago

AWW :']
WannaGoToKorea 8 hours ago

Looking forward to see how original their wedding will be :)
TheMikke 8 hours ago

this is movie is very,very nice!!!!
gogy9598 8 hours ago
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ultrajasonlolx5609 8 hours ago

I would cry so much.

Awwwww~ <3
kitkattcassy 8 hours ago

The smoothest guy ever....
isurf777 8 hours ago

Best proposal everrrrrrr Ginny is pretty lucky. What a creative fiance.!!!!!! Best wishes for thé couple and you have to upload a video of the wedding!!!
sunsetofnemesis 8 hours ago

So, WONDERFUL, couldn't stop smiling the whole time!!!!!!!

DzzRed 8 hours ago

Carmina Burana was a bad choice...
Koldovader 8 hours ago

She got that tank top at Target.
kitkattcassy 9 hours ago
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ultrajasonlolx5609 9 hours ago
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ultrajasonlolx5609 9 hours ago

Are they still together??????????????????
brainwashedserb 9 hours ago

@realmofsilence What's the matter with you? You don't know absolutely nothing about me or my bf! You say I'm shallow haha.. You don't know me at all! So please SHUT UP! You don't have anything else to do than being here judging people? Talk is cheap man! Stop talking nonsences and get a life please..
xxelizabeth24xx 9 hours ago

This is nigger shit 
Apoc897 9 hours ago

whats the first song that is played? the one where the guy is asking the father for permission. if someone tells me they pretty much saved my life cause i neeeeed this song
Michkins1 9 hours ago

@Michkins1 I'm pretty sure it's the instrumental version of Marry Me by Train. Great song! :)
KayLikesMuffins 9 hours ago

i hear this song in every epic moment!! what's the song called at 3:46 ?
H0lY3V1L 9 hours ago

That was great. :3
clonecody45 9 hours ago
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ultrajasonlolx5609 9 hours ago
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ultrajasonlolx5609 9 hours ago

awww! so friggin sweet!!!!!!
Nit3shade21 9 hours ago

TrollinOnMyFace 9 hours ago

ILuvMyMusic4569 9 hours ago

love it!!!!!! congrats!!!
missvoncile 9 hours ago

Click on my video to find the truth of where Jennifer Lopez's

song "On The Floor"

Came from and how poor civilians were treated in making of this song and it's origin!

Mindofownz 9 hours ago

she must not like him at all

iAfterShock 9 hours ago

Does she still like it up to the right??

GKEV604 9 hours ago

what song is that. i want to learn it on the guitar please tell me

Michkins1 9 hours ago


iDeanne 9 hours ago
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ultrajasonlolx5609 9 hours ago

what a romantic proposal

darell724 9 hours ago
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ultrajasonlolx5609 9 hours ago

i shag her before this guy
Camuchoide 9 hours ago

CTFxC's was better, sorry.
DAlLYBOOTH 9 hours ago

Yeah.. at the movies... sooo romantic...
TheNoxiousReggie 9 hours ago

how much did it cost for the threatre to play it?
GKEV604 9 hours ago


GKEV604 9 hours ago

That was fucking awesome.
FeelingAnonymous 9 hours ago

BestAngelFriends 9 hours ago

@wgamador Lmfao. Alright there, I'm sure that was your intention from the beginning. I'll leave you to what you want to think.
Liight2 9 hours ago

I love the way he set this up, complete with the action sequence and Exorcist-style music. Kudos to you, and good luck with your wedding!
OddballExtreme 9 hours ago

Matt, you're killing us out here man. Topping this is going to be difficult.
wardah0 9 hours ago

EagleLineProductions 9 hours ago

@EagleLineProductions that's "O Fortuna" i think...
AshiteratsuAka 9 hours ago

that's really cute.
mmmikeyxx 9 hours ago

Be funny if she said no

1MarioTheMartian1 9 hours ago

Awhhhhhhhhhhhh -3
rebekahirish 9 hours ago

Beautiful to watch. Wishing you a long and happy life together!
sandismith2 9 hours ago

INCREDIBLE! Ginny is such a lucky girl to have such a sweet guy like Matt!!!!! Best of luck to you both with everything and have a long, happy life together!
truedancergirl 9 hours ago

was this the one in henry county

treyflyer 9 hours ago

lol aku nk kawin ngn pompuan jrmn
logelamutp 9 hours ago

If I were that woman I would have cried out all the water in my body. This is BEYOND perfect!
juliacarone 9 hours ago

You're such a bamf
3800GTV6 9 hours ago

This makes, the traditional marriage proposal's look like shit. :/
cheoleo2500 9 hours ago

haha that is the best thing i have ever seen!!!!!!! I LOVE THE SLOW MOTION PART!!!
Shiver161 9 hours ago


And on my birthdaay :D
Banda2fly 9 hours ago

hahah the black man at 5:08 is so jelous:P
tutut37 10 hours ago

this is absolutely amazing. <3
lemonademouthlovers 10 hours ago

He got laid that night
Dibsing 10 hours ago

Saftey4Life1 10 hours ago

"Do you want to marry me?"

- "Shshh, I want to know how the movie ends!!!"
DallasGreen123 10 hours ago

2 years later.... they got divorced

h8stupidppl 10 hours ago

this  is the most beautiful couple i have ever seen i wish you all the best what i wonderful way to start your new lives together
vixenchild28 10 hours ago

holy shit thats legit
MrKills12 10 hours ago

did they watch a movie after?
avrgboy 10 hours ago

avrgboy 10 hours ago

davetteZR1 10 hours ago
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thomasne 10 hours ago

God bless you two!

Matt, always look at her as the bride she will always be, even though it's true that she will be your wife. You're a blessed man.
M0ofi32012 10 hours ago

you're so romantic!!! congrats!!! i hope you can stay together for ever!!!!
LauritaVanessa04 10 hours ago

She is so lucky!!!!! 
Actionnelll 10 hours ago

I wanna see my f-ing movie.
mckinnonderek 10 hours ago 23

LOL @ black guy 5:37

He's like AWWW HELL NAWW where's my movie!?
lyn18mkw 10 hours ago 56

this is the most thoughtful marriage proposal ever. i would die if someone proposed to me like that. <3
loverdearest11 10 hours ago

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so FUCKING CREATIVE ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ CREATIVE + ROMANTIC = BEST PROPOSAL EVER
juncodelrio15 10 hours ago

anyone knows the first song? the guitar fingerpicking..
thomasne 10 hours ago

@shadowX50 haha It actually took me awhile to figure out what u said
Pandasmash1230 10 hours ago

Didn't Mystery guitar man do this? but this is still awesome. Congrats!
Zxyquz 10 hours ago

Whew! Am I glad I got married 17 years ago! This guy set the bar high! Congrats!

scottb326 10 hours ago


rwing34 10 hours ago

This guy ruined marriage proposals for men everywhere
jedimastersolid 10 hours ago 4

I really want to know the name of the song in the minute 4:15
javonete96 10 hours ago


O Fortuna - Carmina Burana (Orff)
lizdena 10 hours ago

bebexrochelle 10 hours ago

Stop setting such high exceptions for marriage proposals!

Now the rest of is are screwed!!!!!!
NoobWithNegativeKD 10 hours ago

so sweet <3 <3 <3

khanhkute89 10 hours ago

Imagine if she had said no...
nicholasperry56 10 hours ago 2

WOW that is the sweetest marriage proposal I have ever seen!! I wanted to tear up just by watching her being happy!!! ^_^
reneroxx 10 hours ago

TheSchweetGal 10 hours ago

this is definitely the most creative and thoughtful proposal i've ever seen!
sweetcheekshoney 10 hours ago

Wowwwww super original!! Lovely couple! I hope in the in the wedding show some dances or something like this...happy ever after!!
Nikolitapr 10 hours ago

That's soooo awesome!!!! Congratulations to you both!! May you both have many happy years together!!!
K8tina 10 hours ago

I can only imagine if she left to go to the bathroom during this.
victim21 10 hours ago

weirdpapaya 10 hours ago

Crazy awesome and adorable!
1hugaday 10 hours ago

Thank you, Mr Romantic, now I have to BUST MY FREAKIN ASS whenever I'm going to propose. DAMN IT
gorgurus 10 hours ago

no mames... que original... mmm haber si la aplico jejejjeje
edermio 10 hours ago

The man!

unknownrafe 10 hours ago
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ultilink3 10 hours ago

DAAYUM dats awesome how the hell did he do that?
TheTempestGames 11 hours ago

the dude at the enddd is wearing a ramones shirt! xD
XoBeAtLeBaBe101 11 hours ago

can someone plz tell me the name of the song between 3:47 and 4:38
ultrajasonlolx5609 11 hours ago

@ultrajasonlolx5609 la fortuna
jonpaul784 11 hours ago

cool vid. The awkward moment when she says no... Anyone on this site has an opportunity to recieve 50% or more off at local sales and make money aswell. No finance details needed. Click the link if your interested, and dont click it if your not. Simple. phillnz.thecustomeradvantage. com

nrlrugbyleague 11 hours ago

esto si es amor + babillas = amor eterno :')
toroyaris 11 hours ago

guys, now you know how to do it,

dont dissapoint us, sincerly,

all single women

jj, though this is amazing, if she loves u she wont care wat u do (mostly)
Jcrparamore 11 hours ago

yo thay was gay styll
JAAATTIII 11 hours ago

@realmofsilence deeeer god I was saying that as a joke.
mvaldezdz 11 hours ago

Aw, that's precieuse... T_T :D

DeathNoteOwnerTooBe 11 hours ago


i watched that video and honestly yes it has a better quality video but this one was alot better
TheArtObsessed 11 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 11 hours ago

another fake marriage proposal viral video? ... 
exam 11 hours ago

Can we get this off the main youtube screen please? It's taking up too much of my viewing space.
scientolofag 11 hours ago

What a story to tell the kids and grandkids, it will forever be in cyber space for them to watch
angeluise1971 11 hours ago 3

@patbull..jagged edge-lets get married
jboogiemomma23 11 hours ago


WOW!! Thank you so much, wish you have a nice day!!! *dance*
PatBull76 11 hours ago

Copied mysteryguitarman :/
DjDannyTV 11 hours ago 4
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MyPoem4u 11 hours ago

So cute! Congratulations to you both!
vdacruz 11 hours ago

@vdacruz touching i give it that i mean that was amazing
TheSoltrain2011 11 hours ago

@TheSoltrain2011 yes.. touching is a better choice of words.. sorry I never made a comment and didn't think people actually read them lol
vdacruz 11 hours ago

@vdacruz brought a tear to my eye to see her reaction i do wish them well for there future
TheSoltrain2011 10 hours ago

thats pretty good!
MrShakDaddy 11 hours ago

@goboenomo What I meant by 'Alpha' was that you tried to seem like 'Dude, I get bitches on the reg man, they don't deserve this'.

If he didn't really love her as much as he showed in this, I would 100% agree with your first comment, that WOULD be too much work just for a chick that he DIDN'T love.

Sure it's a dick move for him to do that in some ways, but in other ways it's the 'Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!'.
iProfessorOAK 11 hours ago

This is the most sweetest thing anyone has done that I've ever seen. She is such a lucky girl. Can u purpose to me too? Just so I can feel lucky like that? Jk. But bravo that's so sweet! Your vid is one of the best I've seen on here for romance I give you two thumbs up from me, my husband and my five kids. Congrats and live life before you have kids cause I know I didn't. Lol but wow still can't get over it. Can you guys do that for other people too? Not the same thing Like a movie theatre but
wendyyaj85 11 hours ago
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hpbjkr 11 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 11 hours ago

cutest couple ever! congratulations! :)

platinumpinkice 11 hours ago

who sings the last song  and what´s the name of it?
PatBull76 11 hours ago

This made me cold, and shiver, the good kind :) the ones that give you goosebumps :)
dudenoway96 11 hours ago

I but some of the people there we're like yeah good for you now shut the f@#k Up
kindaintheway 11 hours ago

lol the people watching the movie was probably like wtf is this... can i just watch my movie now.
dnnsdoable 11 hours ago

She was pregnant and the Father forced the poor lad... (Only kiddin')

That was great.. Even bought a tear to my eye.
Beatlesruleok 11 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 11 hours ago

Austin Linegar how r u?
Delta9rome 11 hours ago

Delta9rome 11 hours ago

I must admit, out of the majority of these I have seen, this is the cutest, most unique one yet, Congrats :)
Zirus101 11 hours ago

what is the of song at the end? it´s fantastic...
PatBull76 11 hours ago

I love it!  AWESOME!
martinimix79 11 hours ago

what a wanker.. and marriage is for the crazies!!!
MrJoshuaBolster 11 hours ago

that fiasco must hav ruined so many ppls night
DrChitta 11 hours ago

congrats to you guys! ginny you are such a lucky girl =)

kyouyanagi 11 hours ago

The bar on marriage proposals has officially been raised!
Kuorosh1 12 hours ago 47

@Kuorosh1 Than I guess we're playing limbo!
Hobble 9 hours ago

bravo my ass
FatPPlNeverMakeIt 12 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 12 hours ago

awww he is the sweetest person everr
rachelxoxo1000 12 hours ago

He got laid that night..
FuckTheSystsem 12 hours ago
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aacard01 12 hours ago

aacard01 12 hours ago

if i was there i woulda kicked the guys ass for not lettting me watch my damn movie
damzeni1 12 hours ago

@damzeni1 you wouldn't have been there since the theater was filled with only their friends and family. I guess he's 'saved'
JonelleJNowak 12 hours ago

what if she was at a movie with someone she was cheating with
sinanyongacoglu 12 hours ago

how can she fucking say NO ?
Yod14Gaming 12 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 12 hours ago

2421 people's marriage proposal were rejected.
madhurpatel 12 hours ago 32

cuteeeee<3<3 she was sooo nervous... omg 
CrazyTopfan 12 hours ago
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Yod14Gaming 12 hours ago

so who were all those people in the theater?
xxXDCXxxx 12 hours ago

@xxXDCXxxx nvm
xxXDCXxxx 12 hours ago

rubigal1 12 hours ago

ohhh they are so in love
rubigal1 12 hours ago

Every single girls dream inih?
haznii 12 hours ago

if she had say no, this would be called. "useless marriage proposal ever."
juanparty 12 hours ago

@juanparty congratulations Matt and Ginny.
juanparty 12 hours ago
Comment removed
JonelleJNowak 12 hours ago

cutest thing i've ever seen!!!! <3
paigeliviseth 12 hours ago

AWE <3
X3NevermoreX3 12 hours ago
Comment removed
JonelleJNowak 12 hours ago

And so they broke up a year later.

also lol sethrogan
kingbooforums 12 hours ago

You guys are adorable!
C1719 12 hours ago

This is cute but I have to say CTFxC has the best proposal!
gaarasrulestheworld 12 hours ago

This sucks
slabofmeatonface 12 hours ago

Wow! Nicely done!

GKEV604 12 hours ago

Thank you very much for sharing your special occasion. I enjoyed it very much and wish you both the best.
kank468 12 hours ago

This guy is my new hero!
HoveringDeath 12 hours ago

Typical American vomit.
jpgee19 12 hours ago

alilarter8 = you are a asshole. be happy for someone else. you really think you'd be mad that you had to spend 5 minutes watching a young couple proposing? what a sad life you must live...try relaxing and enjoy you have never and will never get married...PATHETIC WASTE OF SPACE
tomwadsworth25 12 hours ago

Beautiful beginning to a marriage to be filled with love. He surely loves you.
keeganob126 12 hours ago

This is AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!
mathGaud 12 hours ago

Lol, fail at 4:20 <-------- No pun intended pot heads, just a coincidence.
skepttix 12 hours ago

2418 people are fucking jealous!! may be they are not lucky enough to get married!!
ethanbd 12 hours ago

@ethanbd SERIOUSLY!!!!!
MsDarkrosebud 12 hours ago

Aaaawwww! :)
comeonego 12 hours ago

Omg that guy is soo sweet .
FrOotLooPs1O1 12 hours ago

what the music at 3:47 ???
anphux 12 hours ago

@anphux Carmina Burana ;)
Mejjcikeh 12 hours ago

@anphux O Fortuna.
rambammer2000 11 hours ago

@rambammer2000 how wuld i now
Delta9rome 11 hours ago

that was actually the best thing ever man
RXJ7 12 hours ago

SO LUCKY!!!!! I want that guy!! :))
Hellendeppsptfan 13 hours ago

@Hellendeppsptfan fuck u
jeffvin4 12 hours ago

@jeffvin4  Why??
Hellendeppsptfan 2 hours ago

oh wow who the fuck cares? Worst marriage proposal ever. ( and no im not jealous)
jeffvin4 13 hours ago

2417 people are pissed their proposals will never be as good.
JAWDAYFuddles 13 hours ago

jagged edge was the cherry on top
lk0micho 13 hours ago

lol, what if she said no...
TheDJBeets 13 hours ago 52

@TheDJBeets thats what the sequel is for :D
MagemanE5 13 hours ago

@TheDJBeets >.>''
Comicios 11 hours ago

The best proposal I've seen, and I've looked! Well done!
Ritercrazy 13 hours ago

HeckYessRachel 13 hours ago

2,417 people hate life and will never get married
Dasman86 13 hours ago

maybe is not the first and most original, but has some extra points...

-her reaction of :O when the trailer is showing

-the romantic kinda feeling of the begining plus comedy that follows and more xD
JuStViCtoR 13 hours ago 20

Absolutly awsome... :)

youaintshit77 13 hours ago

blightboy1 13 hours ago


horsemania1 13 hours ago

This is just great <3
MsRudeboy55 13 hours ago
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tahkis18 13 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 13 hours ago

That is definitely amazing!
Tori4Lif3 13 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 13 hours ago

That was really cool!!!!
OhanGeorge 13 hours ago

You certainly did make the movies jealous- along with 105,207 people.

Wish you all the best!! <3

BTW 2, 416 people are overly jealous and probably had their proposals by text.

<3 <3
DreamHope11 13 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 13 hours ago

This was the sweetest thing I have ever seen, but you know the sad thing? When a guy proposes to me in the future, it will never be as amazing as this one, because this video will stay in the pupils of my eyes.

Good luck Matt and Ginny <3 <3 You're the greatest couple EVER!!!
DreamHope11 13 hours ago

@DreamHope11 , well I think it wouldnt be fair for you guy for you to compare his proposal with this one, its the heart and feeling that he puts in it for you that you should be worried about. not all of us guys have the resources to pull that off. but kudos to the guy it was an awsome proposal.
bqtaspr 13 hours ago

Good one Matt, I wish the very best in your marriage..
bqtaspr 13 hours ago

I bet they had an extra 5-second clip in case she said "no," that simply went, "BOOM. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan."
VinylCyril 13 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 13 hours ago scored some serious points with that bro. good luck on your marriage. This will be cool to share with your kids some day!!
baucomrj 13 hours ago

mnaahh, ever lame
extremetothemax86 13 hours ago

I was so expecting her to say NO!

Damn it.
UnexptedB 13 hours ago

like this KtdcqwUbuyY
kartmeraman 13 hours ago

this guy is boss
THEcomcastmaster 13 hours ago

Esto ya si hizo en España, bonito PLAGIO
kartmeraman 13 hours ago

good up until the jagged edge and run dmc song. :/
JeffW1231 13 hours ago

MysteryGuitarMan did a proposal similar to this, but he got Chuck Liddell to be in the movie and the proposal was less epic.
OmgChrissx3 13 hours ago

OMG this is sooo cute!!! :) She's so lucky!!

LittlePrincess2404 13 hours ago

dennis du opfer
newkaynac 14 hours ago

wow!! the amount of work he did!! It was beautiful! ....but how did he get the cinema to let him?! :P
KerriThornton 14 hours ago

hehe...pretty to give credit ....awesome!!!
rebelx4life 14 hours ago

That's pretty epic XD
AzureDarkGod 14 hours ago

fmsjcmom 14 hours ago

lluis1969 14 hours ago

That IS the greatest proposal ever :) Lots of luck in your marriage!
xxxPurpleSkullxxx 14 hours ago

MGM was first.
deville487 14 hours ago

This was WAY better than Fast & Furious 5...
IlkaZapata 14 hours ago

Dikadulguun 14 hours ago

That is sooo cute(':
EmziZZZ 14 hours ago

aww !(:

nefariousnatassja 14 hours ago

50% chance it won't last, but good luck.
n91htmare 14 hours ago

@n91htmare 50 % chance you die today, 50 % chance you eat at the restaurant tonight etc .. stupid
qcking666 14 hours ago
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bamafan6108 14 hours ago

What the fuck is up with those apple spam bots?
pezus 14 hours ago

@holamissmusica lol.. ohhhh... makes sense now why i didnt hear any negative remarks in the

MrMac415 14 hours ago

@JuStViCtoR thanks!
123yuser 14 hours ago

Awesome proposal, could'nt stop the water works...

guess im human LOL
fvrrljr 14 hours ago

Top marks for originality. Good luck to you both :)
fallyhag 14 hours ago

its very beautifullllllllllllllllllll

CHAWY79 14 hours ago

what's the name of the song at 3:46?
123yuser 14 hours ago

@123yuser o fortuna or o verona dont rememer wich one, is the same that jackass 1 intro movie
JuStViCtoR 14 hours ago
Comment removed
rambammer2000 11 hours ago
Comment removed
123yuser 14 hours ago

i find kinda cute the girl with glases that is in tha theather selling, who is she?? name at least? xD
JuStViCtoR 14 hours ago

aha this is on the news right now :L x
Ashiikax 15 hours ago

Oh Mein Gott IST DAS GEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
privileg 15 hours ago

just broke up with my girl which I loved so much, she broke my heart....and watching this movie proposal makes me feel like shit!!! happy for the couple!!!
djaiseman 15 hours ago

just think what a disapointment and waste of money it would of been if she sayed no OMG
EpicCodClips3 15 hours ago

sooo cute =)

sehdah 15 hours ago

just wonderful....every gye should do this.....
alb378 15 hours ago

nice idea but video soooo long, waaaay too long

they will soon visit a divorce site

DivorcioDirect 15 hours ago

BEST PROPOSAL EVER!!!! That's my kind of marriage proposal :D
94RockerChick 15 hours ago

This is awesome. Im happy for both of you! Watching this makes being single suck lol.
flute1234 15 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 15 hours ago

philialle4supra 15 hours ago

That was sweet :)
tbsguyguy 15 hours ago

OMG! how sweet is this?! when i saw this, i started to cry :) CONGRATS!
Jinni1706 15 hours ago

ok, leaving apart the fact that marriage is an ill concept in general, this video ain't that bad :) seems like the guy is quiet excited :)
gerailabai 15 hours ago

That was incredibly inspiring
TakeErEz 15 hours ago

someones gettin a bj after that proposal....
kiw321 15 hours ago 4 Congrats, this was hilarious!
TheNexus18 15 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 15 hours ago

what is the title of the song @3:49???
TheDaryl143 15 hours ago

BUUUUUH! We wan't to watch the movie!
serj88 15 hours ago

This is so sweet, it's funny, and touching. I am very happy for both of you, from Vancouver, BC. Congratulations! :)
JBitzz 15 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 15 hours ago

fuck the haters! this was AMAZING! congrats you two! I'm sure you'll have a great and long life together :)<3

amyxobrittany 15 hours ago

even though ima guy i cried a bit cuz this is so fucking sick. congratz to them

DEAN66DIME 15 hours ago

whats the "one more surprise"

VirginOfRape 15 hours ago

@VirginOfRape The entire audience were really her friends and family. LOL
TheNexus18 15 hours ago

The YouTube user MysteryGuitarMan did this type of wedding proposal before Matt did. Unfortunately, MysteryGuitarMan isn't getting near the recognition that Matt has, which is a travesty. Imitators shouldn't be given so much credit.
wolfshredder1 15 hours ago 23


jealousy is speaking...

rockee77 13 hours ago

@rockee77 Your definition of jealousy is misinformed.
MisterDyer 13 hours ago

@wolfshredder1 you need to calm down -_- so someone else did something like MysteryGuitarMan why do you give a shit ? are you the one getting married ? no. so shut up and be happy for them :)
ToastTabby 13 hours ago

@ToastTabby he needs to "calm down"? he didn't overreact, he was simply stating that MGM was first.
SpartanW0lf3 8 hours ago
Comment removed
sideshift05 12 hours ago

how the hell is anyone going to top this lol this was awesome congrats!!
danman2626 15 hours ago

@ColdeyLive Looooool!!

Good one.
mrcritic1 15 hours ago

i love this soo much the worlds best marriage proposal...this so so happy for you guys i hope you have a long life of happiness!!
altrisha1 15 hours ago

Great Stuff... Great Minds Think Alike... Check Out "Purple Honey" on Youtube....

thinkcupid 15 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 15 hours ago

@kendract88 Maybe you cant find the "right man" because you suck? Personalty of a dead fly?

Ever thought of that? Not likely.

You probably think you're gods gift to man.
mrcritic1 15 hours ago 2

@mrcritic1 Judging by your comment you must feel the same way about yourself. But thank you for the compliment...I didn't say it, you did.
kendract88 15 hours ago

in tears :'-)
randomrelly 15 hours ago

altrisha1 15 hours ago

Lol, I would probably die of embarrassment if this happened to me. A word of advice to guys who might be watching this: don't worry if you'd never be up for something like this. Not all girls appreciate grand gestures. Keeping it simple and intimate could be better.
KittyToKaren 15 hours ago

@Kizak6 I wouldnt expect that... that's just a reminder to somebody who think they do
btiarra 15 hours ago

@SmilingAlot MysteryGuitarMan did the movie proposal first, but Mattandginny was way better. Only thing cool about MGM was the proposal and Chuck Liddell. Matt had Ginny's dad and he made her cry.
tclark108 15 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 15 hours ago

12 million hits!!!!! what an amazing proposal
MONERN76 15 hours ago

wow.. that's awesome!!

haters gonna hate..
DisruptableGrandson 15 hours ago
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btiarra 15 hours ago


You're on a video with over 12 million views. How many of us, do you think, DO know your situation?
Kizak6 15 hours ago 2

wow thats one lucky girl
Jmacsexy 15 hours ago 2

I thought this video was downright adorable. I mean Matt did a great job and I think its wonderful that he felt the need to ask her fathers permission. How many guys would even do that? I'm so happy for you Matt & Ginny; May your life be full of blessings and joy. And may you have a wonderful life together. Congratulations!
ArtemisUrameshi 15 hours ago

@ArtemisUrameshi Yeah, how many guys have the resources to do that? Give me a break, and get over yourself. Seriously. I could just as easily ask that same question about girls. How many girls would even go that far to please a guy (not necessarily regarding wedding proposals)?
batterymet 15 hours ago 34

can some1 tell me the artist+single by the end of the song, i really like it, but i duno who sings^^. thanks.

Btw gz bro.
mdgysbl 13 hours ago

@mdgysbl its lets get married remix by jagged edge
ilyxchanel 13 hours ago

thanks man, youre great.
mdgysbl 13 hours ago


It's Jagged Edge - Let's Get Married. :-D
Lycheaa 11 hours ago

2411 people disliked to feel better, because they know they'll never get maried

This is beautiful, real love :)
0003Cat3000 15 hours ago 2

When does this movie come out?
KTWON1 16 hours ago 2

Awww... <3 <3 <3 This one made me teary-eyed. If I were the girl, I would have collapsed in my seat. This is just soooo romantic.

Keep the love alive even after the wedding!
zelpish 16 hours ago

génial mais alors génial romantisme pas mort ca c est une demande 
surcouf169 16 hours ago

omg this was too addorable fuk the haters. that was romantic!
iMTOOGRiMEY 16 hours ago

I'm still fapping.

DipzG 16 hours ago

Why the hell is every1 crying while watching this o_o?
Keepin1tReal1 16 hours ago

2411 people have never been in love!
xxAMILLIONARExx 16 hours ago

2411 people had their partners leave them at the chapple
joelbailey23 16 hours ago

good thing i didnt do my eyemakeup yet :.)

Starsofneon 16 hours ago

How sweet
mndhemphill 16 hours ago

Amazing video!! Wishing you both well!!
c4mbl 16 hours ago

theres something wrong with 2410 people, how in the world could u dislike this
driftmcvey19 16 hours ago

Cassandre1986 16 hours ago

@Cassandre1986 Then you obviously don't deserve ti get married. It's very sweet and romantic and if you don't like it, then most probably you don''t have any feelings. How would you feel if someone special did this to you? Would you say it in their face that it's boring? Or thoughtless? Or lame? I KNOW I WOULDNT.
alilarter8 16 hours ago

@alilarter8 I would get mad if somebody makes me pay to watch that. I find it very selfish. People in the theatre have paid their place to watch a movie, and I am sure they do not want to be interrupted by some unknown couple getting married.

Plus, it is boring to watch.
Cassandre1986 12 hours ago

@Cassandre1986 Um, excuse me. You must be a pretty unhappy, b*tchy person. There is nothing wrong with waiting and taking, what, 2 EFFING minutes of your time to let these two people have a little moment. I thought it was amazingly sweet. I would LOVE it if my boyfriend did that for me. I feel sorry for your man....
MsDarkrosebud 12 hours ago

@Cassandre1986 the people in the theatre were all of her friends and family... she didn't realize it til the lights went up.... don't be so cynical and pessimistic. Calm down... read the second to last paragraph at this site: well i can't post the site, but if you go to thesun . co. uk and search "Dramatic movie marriage proposal goes viral" in their search bar, you'll see it.
JonelleJNowak 12 hours ago

En el amor todo se vale
homlac1 16 hours ago

The Universal intro made it look like the actual movie more than a trailer. Still a brilliant idea nontheless.
XFS540 16 hours ago

I cried. So, ver, sweet and touching :') Congrats you guys <3
alilarter8 16 hours ago

tommytankvideo 16 hours ago

@kickermcdogg All I have to say is maybe you haven't found the right kinds of girls, I asked my husband to marry me while we were at a street fair drinking, I think part of it is that guys like to have the control.
beesting83 16 hours ago

where were the special effects???? there shoulda been explosions of love, and slow motion love bullets!!
GRIZZ2008 16 hours ago
This comment has received too many negative votes show
islandsylph 16 hours ago

You made her watch Fast Five? That must have put the moods down.
anunfittingname2 16 hours ago


from bagdad with love!

wish you a happy life!
08jafar 16 hours ago

Just restored my faith in humanity! -Thanks! ☺♥☺
cooneyfriday 16 hours ago 2

thats freakin awesome!!!!!
Sebbz86 16 hours ago

TTTrixie 16 hours ago

Stole my idea :)

I uploaded on the 1st of March :)

Made a clip for a song "Running to You through the city".
dimka2hot4u 16 hours ago

@dimka2hot4u watch?v=tH2wv5HY3Y0
dimka2hot4u 16 hours ago

Not sure how to create a hyper link with my video but copy and paste in search bar

Joe's proposal to Alexis

2008joealexis 16 hours ago

Matt, you make the rest of us men look TERRIBLE! LOL, This was awesome, I pray that Jesus is the center of your marriage and that you always keep surprising your future wife! Good job man!!!!
rlxrandall 16 hours ago 2

This has been done before. Search for glomer8888 on youtube. He made something like this in 2008. Still very sweet though. Congrats to you both.
pinayperfection 16 hours ago

SECOND BEST PROPOSAL EVER!! I did the same thing three years ago. I just never uploaded the live version as I proposed to her while our family watched. youtube (Joe's proposal to alexis)
2008joealexis 16 hours ago

People are getting WAY too deep on this video. It's a marriage proposal not a sexism debate!

Video is beautiful, congratulations!
kathrynlanelove 16 hours ago

was there any outtakes of strangers in the theater shouting " GET ON WITH IT !! we're trying to watch a movie here GEEZ ! "
iluvmypet 16 hours ago

How cuuute!!! I told my boyfriend he has to live up to this video. :P So beautiful! Good luck with your future together! :)
frecklemonster20 16 hours ago

@realmofsilence Well, the reason why women don't do things is because those are the stadards society have placed on us. Being an indepented woman still isn't a hundred procent accepted, we are never really encouraged to take initiative.
millie1235 17 hours ago

@realmofsilence It's not about expectations; I assure you that this woman had no idea that her boyfriend would do this for her. It's a guy's choice, not obligation, to do what "he wants to do" for his girlfriend. If you want a someone badly, you go out of your way for them. And rest assured, there are women who do much for their men, however, it's only conventional for a man to propose. In my opinion, dignifiedmen decide when it's time to marry and make the initiative.
Zahra1 17 hours ago

Like a fucking bastard boss.
Logadc 17 hours ago

This is so sweet...Congrats to the both of them....
SavChaseAuthor 17 hours ago

That was awesome... and loved her faceial expressions... not many men ask the fathers permission anymore.. I wish you two the BEST of luck and many many years of happiness... Good Job Matt... now watch you started a trend and all guys will want to do it that way bahahaha
superniki36 17 hours ago

this reminds me of a song by children of bodom ... was it worth it ?? .... :P
sykhophaunt7 17 hours ago

ooouuuhhh, so sweeeet ! :D I love it <3
Gertiiee3 17 hours ago

This one beats mine. One time a guy had me use my talents as a mime (see vids) to proposal to his fiancée. He had me perform as a mime on the street, got me to use him & his girl in a wedding skit (she had no idea and just went with it). I played the pastor and "mime married" them in front of all the spectators. I had the real ring and flowers and gave it to her near the end. Once she realized it wasn't just a skit she FREAKED !
ETtheMime 17 hours ago

More views on this than mystery guitarman's proposal and its been out longer so it must be a copy.
MsJeffk1 17 hours ago

@MsJeffk1 I know :( MGM did some amazing and epic trailer and her girlfriend was soo happy!! he neded more credit than this one...
anaalfaro 9 hours ago

god604 17 hours ago

2408 people need to get laid
AlexHRocknroll 17 hours ago

nothing is original anymore, but they still made it very special
superpowergod 17 hours ago

Wait...soo there was no movie?

Luupz 17 hours ago 2


I would have asked for a refund, what a shit movie!
lacedboxa 17 hours ago

@Luupz OH OH wait just discovered the "Show more" button.
Luupz 17 hours ago

@kendract88 Good job contradicting your own post. But, I'll address your point anyway. If women want those "nice things," then they should also be giving those "nice things" in return, especially if you're going to be preaching about equal treatment. You can't have it just one way; otherwise, you're adhering to double standard logic, which in turn, makes your original point completely flawed.
realmofsilence 17 hours ago

@realmofsilence I should commend you for misreading all of my previous posts. I'm not going to dignify you with any more responses. :) For the record, I'm the one giving and never receiving.
kendract88 17 hours ago

@kendract88 I didn't misread any of your posts. You just couldn't properly argue your point, as it was already extremely flawed. So, of course, you act as if that's somehow my fault. Nice.
realmofsilence 17 hours ago

@realmofsilence I argued my points just fine, you chose to interpret them your way is all. That's cool though, whatever floats your boat.
kendract88 17 hours ago

@kendract88 Oh, yes, of course, I magically chose to interpret them my own way. Just keep running in circles. 'Round and 'round you go! By the way, I thought you weren't going to dignify me with any more responses? A change of heart already?
realmofsilence 17 hours ago

@realmofsilence Magic has nothing to do with it. And I lied. I'm enjoying your responses. It's quite amusing, please, go on.
kendract88 17 hours ago

chuziechinkz 17 hours ago

this is sooo sweet. i have instantly become a fan of their love team. ^_^
iamqwertyprincess 17 hours ago

as we 16 year old dress flashy and call everything gay i admit this is quit good.totaly a good way to satisfy woman.
MrThereiscake 17 hours ago

OMG this is so damn cute!
Wiggyify 17 hours ago

This was the sweetest thing I have ever seen... I almost cried watching it. Congratulation you two! :) Everyone deserves to have a relationship like the one you two share :)
Taylorcn171 17 hours ago

Awesome! What a lucky girl! Congratulations!!
imsuprmom7 17 hours ago

nice creative idea for something that's supposed to be special, but putting it on the internet for view counts cheapens the whole thing
uclabruin07 17 hours ago


MrSilvo72 17 hours ago
Comment removed
OnlyQueeg 17 hours ago

I cried and i loved it, the only thing i didn't like was the final song...
andypavon 17 hours ago


mikerowaves 17 hours ago

@mikerowaves But original.
OnlyQueeg 17 hours ago

@OnlyQueeg So something that was done several times before is the real definition of original?
mikerowaves 17 hours ago

@mikerowaves then not fake.
OnlyQueeg 17 hours ago

too sweet :o) loved it! congrats to the both of you
cherNstephen 17 hours ago

quite some comparisons with How I met your mother s05ep23 the wedding bride
Gaucho09vvc 17 hours ago

wow i can't believe i actually cried after watching this! congrats! :)
kevtom 18 hours ago

downvote for the idea being blatantly ripped off from MGM's vid
acbalingit 18 hours ago

2404 people have never really loved someone
madheadramzy 18 hours ago

FELICIDADES AMIGO-...... he estado algo triste, pero por cosas como esta AUN CREO EN EL AMOR.... MUCHAS GRACIAS ¡¡¡¡
licantropo2525 18 hours ago

this would be clever had another youtube video not been posted of someone who did this already.

mikerowaves 18 hours ago


what video would this be?
TheArtObsessed 18 hours ago

@TheArtObsessed It's actually in the list to the right under "The BEST movie theater proposal EVER!!!", posted by "andrewmanzano".
mikerowaves 18 hours ago

GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!! 
myusernameistaken23 18 hours ago
Comment removed
PippaCreativity 18 hours ago

Nice, but you copied MysteryGuitarMan :P
SmilingAlot 18 hours ago 10

@SmilingAlot it is nice, maybe copied but he's made it his own :) and thats all that counts
PippaCreativity 18 hours ago

@PippaCreativity It's actually an exact replica of the other proposal. Just sayin' lol
SmilingAlot 18 hours ago

@SmilingAlot Thank you.
mikerowaves 18 hours ago

man no one can top this.

everyone is using "best marriage proposal ever!" as their captions

but this one takes the cake.

No body else has the right
BluntlyComical 18 hours ago

'sniff' 'sniff' soo touchin 'sniff' 'sniff'
bootybouncersFTW 18 hours ago

God bless u two- Matt and Ginny. U guys make an awesome couple!

cheers n have a good life together!

MrFrankrulz 18 hours ago

Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for yall that was very sweet.
mizudemon 18 hours ago

all you people complaining because men have to always take the initiative, just look at history. It's your own fault. Men always wanted to be superior and be the only one able to get a job. Therefore, you have to pay for everything. Get over it. If you don't like it, then don't date us. And I don't know about the other women on here but I cook and clean for my guy and I don't get crap in return. I put him first always and don't ever get the same in return...THAT'S why I can't find the right man
kendract88 18 hours ago

@kendract88 Ok, so, you're basically admitting that if the guy has the job and has to pay for everything, then the woman doesn't deserve to be treated equally. Got it.  Of course, I'm sure you're going to say that's not true, but then you just contradicted your entire post.
realmofsilence 18 hours ago

@realmofsilence Actually that's not what I said. I said that's what you men have expected for so long but now that we want those nice things because it no longer represents weakness, you're all complaining.
kendract88 17 hours ago

looove it.!!!!!!! totally awesome.!
thenikhilkamra 18 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 18 hours ago

It was a beautiful proposal, it's not about what's expected of men or what women need to do be considered equals...When there is love and respect by both parties you want to give the other person your best. Because they bring out the best in you.
EsmiKC 18 hours ago

his wife is hot
TairyMrHesticles 18 hours ago

now thats cool
TheLordTroy 18 hours ago

what was the "I have one more suprise for you." ?? Anyways, may the future be the best for you guys. :)
MarioxLove64 18 hours ago

@MarioxLove64 the movie theatre was full of her friends and family!
ayethatoneaye 18 hours ago

This is unbelievable! Wonderful, congratulations!!!
marcioferroni 18 hours ago

What a beautiful proposal! Best wishes - you make a wonderful couple!
TheNewAgeGirl 18 hours ago
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ILoveTouYube 18 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 18 hours ago

Woow thats nice!

TheDisturbedMan 19 hours ago

how cuuuuuuuuute :3
MRScapatanaa 19 hours ago 2

I love it!! Awesome!! May God Bless your Union.
machellr 19 hours ago

I guess all that counts is that your girl likes what you did for her!! :)))
Jadeslippers 19 hours ago

dannylynnforever 19 hours ago

Why aren't more men like this? Better question, why aren't more women in the kitchen making sammish's and grabbing me a beer?
ColdeyLive 19 hours ago 8

@ColdeyLive cause you're an idiot and clearly don't know how to treat woman ;)
xoxsingingxox 19 hours ago

@xoxsingingxox I'm glad that your a women and nobody respects your opinion :D
ColdeyLive 19 hours ago
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batterymet 19 hours ago 9
Comment removed
batterymet 19 hours ago

Omg Absolulity MindBlowing !! Lucky Girl ! Congrats xxx
StephanieLaura2010 19 hours ago!! <3 is it weird that this video made me cry? haahaha
ArynneVengeance 19 hours ago


crundlepieofficial 19 hours ago

2401 are jealous girls who didn't have a proposal like this
TheOnlyRealJoker 19 hours ago 4

that's the best proposal!!!.... Congrats to you both! :D

rsts32 19 hours ago

That was funny... but it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Yashwanth1996 19 hours ago

Para cuando el trailer de la primera noche de sexo!!!!!!??????
leydenpsp 19 hours ago

What if she says NO !
AlexTube95 19 hours ago

2,400 ppl thought the dislike like button was the "dis- i -Like" button!!
rudegal2020 19 hours ago 2

@rudegal2020 Not they didn't.
willywalls 19 hours ago

Lol Even if the movie isn't that great - that would totally be worth the price of admission! ;D
AlterEgox5 19 hours ago

This video was awesome!! It brought tears to my eyes very creative and funny too!!! thumbs up!!
shairaglows42 19 hours ago

2400 ppl might be gay or lesbian !!
Pasbara88 19 hours ago

@Pasbara88 no, they're just regular guys who were talked into watching this by someone.
daspolitbuero 19 hours ago

they did file for divorce last week.
daspolitbuero 19 hours ago

das cute...
MissTina993 19 hours ago

I love how he buys popcorn first... xD Lol.
RegenxKaulitz 19 hours ago

tomashcu60 19 hours ago

pretty blooody awesome mate. he wouldve gotten some sweet arse loving that night.

killallemovermin 19 hours ago

all the girls are like, "jealous" while the guys think "duh".
daspolitbuero 19 hours ago

this has already been done :/ but it's still sweet (:
blogursky 19 hours ago
Comment removed
2lucic 19 hours ago

this guy is EPIC!
Nev4rForgotten 19 hours ago

Matt this was the most brilliant and entertaining proposal I have ever seen!!Ginny has a wonderful guy!
2lucic 19 hours ago

awwee this is so sweet! I can tell you to truely love each other. :) Best of luck you two
5EmilyGirl 19 hours ago

el amor es creativo, jejej muy bien por ellos
HiddenExperience 19 hours ago


rajaijaz007 19 hours ago

Just amazing!! 
tamlynne2101 19 hours ago

What are the name of the songs, where he run and where she say "yes"?
wessleph 19 hours ago


drniel04 19 hours ago

lalaala12345 19 hours ago

This Rocks,.. Congrats to you both. Fantastic Idea Matt
love4musicnart 20 hours ago

Dude's legendary!

Drtast 20 hours ago

OMG, them apple people are so retarded, all there names like ends in a letter with a number before it, so stupid! all saying thanks with the same code name, dont fall for it people! :D Thumbs up for everyone to see!

Love this love story btw :')
jlo2k9 20 hours ago 2

was this staged?
nas6792 20 hours ago

How did they get the theatre to run this?
hallpriest9 20 hours ago

Congrats you two..... this was very original and I even teared up.....and im a GUY!!
kcs51777 20 hours ago

Great !! all the best for both of you
ndrymix 20 hours ago

didnt know chester benington had it in him
ConorNosThrill 20 hours ago

Matt you are a genius, just wondering now what you will have in store for your wedding! this really made me smile

JaineLV183 20 hours ago that a 'small' popcorn??
NorHuxy 20 hours ago

@mvaldezdz And if you're a girl, you should do something like this as well and stop making the men do all of the work.  If you want equal treatment in life, then you have to show it in return.
realmofsilence 20 hours ago 51

@realmofsilence there are women out there who propose to their men. and it's the guys decision to go all out for their girl, no one's forcing him to do so... don't be so freakin' discriminatin....
hard2pleaz 19 hours ago

@hard2pleaz Discriminating? Society has placed standards on men that they have to do these types of things. The man is always having to do everything he can to make the woman feel special. When does the woman do something? Also, there were women bitching in this thread about why more men aren't like this. You see? If anything, THAT'S discrimination. Why the hell is the man always obligated to go to these levels? As I said before, women have such ridiculously high expectations.
realmofsilence 19 hours ago 26

@realmofsilence These are stereotypes that society has taught boys and girls is expected of them since they were born; not every women is screaming for equal rights. If you don't want to be held to these expectations then date a girl who doesn't believe in them.... Although, are you willing to take a girls last name?

kimmietate03 19 hours ago

@kimmietate03 i know right, it makes sense for guys to propose and everything and on the day of marriage we girls give away our names for theirs. ..i guess these "stereotypes" have really just become something of an unspoken rule encouraged on both why can't women propose and men give away their names on the wedding day, huh?
wootwoot937 18 hours ago

@wootwoot937 You're both missing the point. Men are always expected to take the initiative. It's not just regarding wedding proposals. Hell, we're expected to pay for everything, open doors, etc. Not to mention that we're the ones who are supposed to ask women on dates and dances. Then later, women complain about "not finding the right guy." Well, if there's a guy you like, then here's an idea: GO ASK HIM OUT YOURSELF. Otherwise, you have no right to complain about "not finding the right guy."
realmofsilence 18 hours ago 69

@realmofsilence They don't find the right guy in clubs. In clubs people are more interested in making out. That's why most of the nowadays girls don't find the right guy, also, they're stupid, they prefer a cold hearted guy than the sweet guys, they reject them, people want too much freedom, with a lot of freedom people can't be loyal and stick where they are. I didn't ask my boyfriend for anything, he did all by himself, and when we started dating, i gave him all of my love and retribution.
andypavon 17 hours ago

@realmofsilence i agree with you.. alot of women expect a man to go to these levels just to do this type of stuff.. then they do nothing in return.. i think it should be equal.. MEN HAVE FEELINGS TO YOU KNOW...
kickermcdogg 19 hours ago 14
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2lucic 19 hours ago

@mvaldezdz so, hows your love life?
voodoocigam 19 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 20 hours ago

best proposal that I have ever seen.
drwho269 20 hours ago

Red top is going "Can we play the movie now PLS?" 
Cartyy 20 hours ago 34

aren't they going have a lot of extra cash from Youtube!!! CONGRATS!!
MsQuinnyb 20 hours ago

WOW people are so stupid and ignorant ---- i just got engaged and i think this is the cutest thing i have ever seen - each couple is unique and so is their engagement story! clearly yours matches your love for cinema! i, for example, got engaged on a beach, barefoot because that is what my fiance and I are into! best of luck to you and yours on your upcoming marriage!
DSilver117117 20 hours ago

guy in red t-shirt at 5:35 "START THE FUCKIN MOVIE ALREADY". :l
Kyukoji 20 hours ago 3

@btiarra Then, he should dump your ass right away for having such ridiculously high expectations. Women like you deserve nothing but the worst treatment in life. It's unbelievable that you could even say something like that about your own boyfriend just because he doesn't do something like this. What the hell have YOU even done that remotely compares to this?
realmofsilence 20 hours ago

@GDI109 Agreed!
realmofsilence 20 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 20 hours ago

this is super cool, im gonna do this to my future wife i SWEAR!
thekidwhowantstosing 20 hours ago

Iltasanomat (Y)
MrMirrro96 20 hours ago

@mvaldezdz That guy is right. Please enlighten us on what girls do for guys that even remotely resembles something like this or any grand wedding proposal. Go ahead, I'm waiting....
realmofsilence 20 hours ago

THAT WAS incredible bro....Im about to get engaged.....This was redic!!!!! best one I have ever seen

drwayal 20 hours ago

I cried!!!<3
ToniMariexo87 20 hours ago

How sweet! Congrats :)
PassionDragonFruit 20 hours ago 2

this is the cutest thing ever.. i hope i get proposed to so sweetly one day and not just at a football game or something
badass964 20 hours ago

damn I've been outdone!

seaton125 20 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 20 hours ago

Thanks keep them comming
bettyruns 20 hours ago

But how was the film?
MrHellothisisme 20 hours ago

2395 people are obivously hidiously jealous & never watched a romantic movie.

this proposal is awesome!!!! <3
banout7 20 hours ago


Alright man I'm sorry.
ninearthify 20 hours ago

Thumbs up if the Carl Orff sequence was your favorite part.
warden1103 20 hours ago

This is the cutest most amazing proposal I have ever seen. Goodluck :)

Aimzybabe1 20 hours ago

Awww! Truly awesome! Wish you the best of luck!
Makubex195 20 hours ago

i wish someone said: SPOILER ALERT, HES GAAAAAAAAY.
danieljkmorrison123 20 hours ago 2

When he hugged his to-be father in law, you can see tears in his eyes. What a fucking good video.

dannyboyinxs 20 hours ago

this is soo awesome dude.. wow.. makin wanna cry...i noe how u feel bro.. jus started dating this girl and we gonna have our second date this weekend but i love her already... cant wait to pull something like this for her
bigseksi1 21 hours ago

I so wanna rip that off! ahaha

hobbles477 21 hours ago

Well this was some self indulgent crap, not sincere at all. Seems like a set-up for youtube 'fame' with that oh so obvious message at the end and website in the description lmao.

CommentFanatic 21 hours ago

Im so jealous of this....I thought I proposed in a cool way !!
latinsatinsoul 21 hours ago

Thats just awesome! I am still laughing from stopping to get popcorn.
kaebug 21 hours ago

You are an amazing man, Matt!! It took great will and an amazing soul to come up with something like this.....UNHEARD OF!!!! This has made it all over the front page of MSN home page. I would not be suprised if you guys end up on national news over this. Makes me Really think I need to step up my game a bit!! Thank you, Thank you and many more thank you's. At this point you have already had over 12.5 million views, it must say something for what you did. Congratulations!
F4flight 21 hours ago

2395 people got left at the alter
chillitsagame 21 hours ago

wats the music in between the vid again?
xxNzw 21 hours ago

so supprise...
hoangvu9688 21 hours ago

I usually hate these things but this was truly the greatest I've ever seen. I wish you both the best of life's luck.
DarkKrush 21 hours ago

marriage is shit! you should live free
sothgunfil 21 hours ago
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noudzii 21 hours ago

amaaazing !!! luvd it
noudzii 21 hours ago

!!!omg!!! that was perfect.


lucky girl..and guy lol
sam61133 21 hours ago

u callin' this shit the greatest? oh cmon man. there's even more greater proposals than this one. this is crap man
beacruzify 21 hours ago

@beacruzify Obviously you don't realize how much time, effort, and money went into this.
DJsnapp1e 21 hours ago

@DJsnapp1e u can have all the time man, and if it's just money ur talkin' abt here, then i could just give my girlfriend lotsa money then ask her to marry me.
beacruzify 21 hours ago

i find this difficult to masturbate to.
zacmatt8 21 hours ago 4

that is so awsome
ShaolinRyan 21 hours ago

What is the name of the movie they're watching?
babidji 22 hours ago

Start the movie already....
smokejump1 22 hours ago

that is beautifull

SkilZ2GrilZ 22 hours ago

this is the greatest marriage proposal ever!!!
MrAlbatros03 22 hours ago

i don't mean to be that guy but what if she said no
jahvan201 22 hours ago

@jahvan201 LOL AWKS AS

EnhanceWoW 21 hours ago

5:35 that guy in red in the background is thinking enough already...I ain't clapping.
aifusatiluj 22 hours ago

thanks 4 this page I got one!
bellemers 22 hours ago

way to go Matt.... 
fgalvaobrazil 22 hours ago

imagine the people watching. 'This is one fucking long movie trailer' lol.
flyingemuzZZ 22 hours ago 3

Pfff...The greatest? come on man.. what a disappointment. This is not even a new idea.
mrmojodadog 22 hours ago

HuCkDuCk 22 hours ago
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kulpreetg 22 hours ago
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kulpreetg 22 hours ago
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kulpreetg 22 hours ago
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kulpreetg 22 hours ago
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kulpreetg 22 hours ago

very nice idea! so sweeeeettttttttttttttttttttttt­tttttt

einalem007 22 hours ago

Who saw this in the headlines of MSN? :)
PrincezzLaurenLolz 22 hours ago


jujubagirl 22 hours ago

Is it just me or is that guy's voice sound funny? Maybe it's just his accent.
dailylife100 22 hours ago

Wow!!!! I'm jealous!!! That's sooooo sweeeet!!!!
lucysg88 23 hours ago

Imagine if she woulda said no LOL!
drasent 23 hours ago

@drasent LMAO
truongphan90 22 hours ago

SWEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥
keyofdead 23 hours ago

2387 people are just jealous or never have been in love.

This was awesome.
Misstiffanija 23 hours ago 2

Impresionante amigo !!! la mejor pedida de mano que e visto !!! desde menorca !!!! felicidades

dLa0811 23 hours ago

That black dude looked annoyed..
chriscr123 23 hours ago in playlist Trending Videos of the Week (5/20)

thật lãng mạn hihi

hantuyetka 23 hours ago

Thats sweet
7964harry 23 hours ago

Now lets just imagine she just said no.... awkward :/
BoyPaper50 23 hours ago

so cute. i teared up
BeautyScarz 23 hours ago

Every day people get married, but I pray that they make a difference.
rey1940 23 hours ago

This man more than deserved to marry any girls !!
t3eS92 23 hours ago

Congrats dude. You just made every other guy seem super mediocre. :/
kholl7 23 hours ago

holy fuk ginny is bangin'
HeshTatu 23 hours ago

ElisaLoveWestIndies 23 hours ago

oh my goodness..this is the sweetest/cutest thing I have ever seen...congrats!! haha :)
jonassfann09 23 hours ago 2
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fatjim741 23 hours ago
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bmaxcey 23 hours ago

I know this is great, but umm what about the movie the people there was gonna watch, I'm sure they were annoyed after a while when a whole bunch of other people came in...
samuellis 23 hours ago

That was to flipping cure..
bmaxcey 23 hours ago

that is probably the cutest thing i've ever seen. you've got a keeper there, lady
Beccabear08 23 hours ago
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fpvvsford 23 hours ago

this is soooo cute...

mpscats360 23 hours ago
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fpvvsford 23 hours ago

awww I wanna get married now! 
sheronah101 23 hours ago

the best ;)

prince3argf 23 hours ago

my sister cried after watching this.
sebdlc1234 23 hours ago

Amazing...and the fact that they are playing "Jagged Edge" at the end is too funny.
aziajs 23 hours ago

this is soo nice :) congrats from Hungary! :)
trixy345 23 hours ago


guazas69 1 day ago

everything was magically perfect ... until he drove a ford *sigh*
NoBiggieJustMiggie 1 day ago 3

Their 2nd date and they are getting married? WTF?
SaconoWoW 1 day ago

@SaconoWoW He said "Since our 2nd date, Ive always been sayin , we were gna make other movies jealous"

Hence the title of the "fake" movie.. Making The Movies Jealous.. Did u even pay attention? Or were you getting popcorn?
UDpizzaguy1 23 hours ago

@SaconoWoW umm, are you retarted?
Nathanchooper 23 hours ago

Congratulations to you both! Best proposal I've seen. Love from Ireland. Xxx
Netty271 1 day ago

Type in Nick Satt and see funny music videos
TheAlbinoNegro 1 day ago

can I buy the movie rights to this?
silverd20 1 day ago

TheLuv2drawanime 1 day ago

so when does this movie come out?
firehill56 1 day ago

ok that was good
r2dan 1 day ago

stupid place to to propose,
bigjake52 1 day ago

& everoyne lse is like 'WOOO congrats! wait what about the movie?"
astrotoadp6 1 day ago 3

Was hoping someone in the back would yell out, "Start the fucking movie..."
tvfilm 1 day ago 12

@tvfilm nah, i was hoping that when he went through that door, the screen would say " to be continued"

ZinXR 22 hours ago

@ChainX k
MisterBinx 1 day ago

@GAMEVIDZ12344 When someone does that for you, its hard to say no.
zGamerXz 1 day ago

lol it would be funnY if she said no
GAMEVIDZ12344 1 day ago

ok that was really good!! im crying :)

karaokegals 1 day ago

totally the best wedding proposal ever!! Congratulations to both of you!! I hope you will always be happy!!:)
ole9898 1 day ago 2

I siincerely hope the strangers were apologized for the delay on the movie!
HamoudyA 1 day ago

sh3rro 1 day ago

The most epic movie trailer I've ever seen. Bringing 3d to a whole new level...
infinity579 1 day ago

AWWWW how romantic :D
pooney4 1 day ago

Awwww soMe :)
deadpool358 1 day ago

the marriage proposal bar just got set higher...
thlin 1 day ago 2

Wow...So yeah...She probably just got engaged to the most amazing person on earth ((:
iluvrimmel 1 day ago

omg so beautiful
MitzuYamazaki 1 day ago

lfes2k 1 day ago

Привет из России )))

нас поразил ваш ролик )

молодцы !!!! )
VenomRus48 1 day ago

привет из России )) наспоразил ваш ролик )) умнииицыы )))
VenomRus48 1 day ago

i would laugh if she said no! LOL
YourGamingXP 1 day ago

1 week, 12 million views, unbelievable like this movie.. very very nice :-)
suCKRRRRR 1 day ago

This is such a cute way to propose! I also got engaged this year and it feels so great to know who you are going to spend the rest of your life with :)

congrats guys! All the best!
BeautyDivineable 1 day ago

that was incredibly sweet!!!

LayByMySide 1 day ago

So are we going to get to see the wedding night movie when their alone? That's something I'd watch.
SteveTheSpaz 1 day ago

@SteveTheSpaz That Guy Got Mad Sex That Night.
FallenEmpireLegions 1 day ago

cblpop 1 day ago
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immaShitDisturber 1 day ago
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randomuserlfc 1 day ago


TrueStunnah 1 day ago

congrats this was so cool i did almost the same thing i hope to see more check out mine let me know what you think may you both have a long and happy life and congrats one more time GOD BLESS
rickmcinroy 1 day ago

Is this movie coming to theatres in Vancouver??
ismymikeworking 1 day ago

My friend posted it on me and our friends facebook, i love this so much! i wish it was a real movie! yall should be movie stars. i cried when i seen this! good job and you are one of the sweetest guys in the world, you are very blessed darlin..good luck to yall!
Aktippens 1 day ago

thats awesome .. shot bro
rangeo100 1 day ago

shes so cute....lucky he a threw a ring on that ASAP
kiddfabul0u5 1 day ago

So sweet. happiness
ktsduylinh 1 day ago


Ridylan 1 day ago

good thing the world didn't end or this proposal would've been pointless
Izzdan 1 day ago 2

Zzzz...."Nice waste of moneyblahbalh" I think ppl who are going to watch that movie have been told about this proposal thing.
namasterchoma 1 day ago

That was a modern fairytale right there
BeautifulVampire123 1 day ago

projecrunway 1 day ago

That is so sweet
xxgwyloxx 1 day ago

As soon as the trailer started playing everyone else in the theater was thinking "This movie's gunna be SHIIIIIITTTT"
forkness9494 1 day ago 16

This is so cute. Happiness to the couple!
akmormongirl4ever 1 day ago

and this video will pay for the wedding, lolol.
HockeyDiane 1 day ago
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randomuserlfc 1 day ago

The proposal on YouTube, The honeymoon on RedTube!
TheNzCherub 1 day ago 9

fuck that would have been the worst movie to go on a date to.
WildLifeFantastic 1 day ago 11

i was expecting the top comment to be about the canucks
hardyboyztoextreme 1 day ago

shutup with all the "what if she said no comments". Obviously the guy has got to be confident that she is in love with him and that she was going to say yes before he did something like this. Your a fool if you do something like this for a proposal and your not 100% sure if your girlfriend even loves you or would marry you.
karmadtran 1 day ago 5

Can you guys do a vid about how you met and your story together soon??
abender08 1 day ago

love so much this trailer ... unique ... god 4 ur everything ...
chocofilling 1 day ago

12 mill views wow
invisibleyinvincible 1 day ago in playlist Trending Videos of the Week (5/20)

I almost cried that was so sweet good luck to you two<3
samiireaper 1 day ago

Wonderful! Who is this person, 2,380 ?
poweremsa 1 day ago

That is admirable!!! :x
MrHamDzui 1 day ago 3

There are 2,380 jealous movies.
jabrolter15 1 day ago 4

He wins, he get the pussy.
ronz706 1 day ago

@ronz706 grow up much?
CPPA 23 hours ago

Wow, I haven't cried and laughed in a long time, thanks guys!

jairave 1 day ago

lucky girl...:)
blackbelle87 1 day ago
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EnzoCheLatino 1 day ago
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Edwany1 1 day ago

Super tierno!!!, que chévere que aún existan ese tipo de detalles!!. Felicidades chicos!!!.
Hivanvv 1 day ago

I hate the two top comments.
EnzoCheLatino 1 day ago 2

i've posted the news in Spanish and will add the youtube link luck. allimimito com
Edwany1 1 day ago
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Edwany1 1 day ago
Comment removed
Edwany1 1 day ago

Great idea! Awesome execution !!! Perfect!!! I wish my BF would propose that way ;) or along the same lines :p
fashionistakitty 1 day ago

WOW!., I love it!!...So Romantic Man!!..,I've posted the news in Spanish and will add the youtube link luck.
Edwany1 1 day ago

3:47 - 4:38 o fortuna. best part ever
soulzterz 1 day ago
tjsofele28 1 day ago

that was mind blowing :D
supernijaorangejuice 1 day ago

wow...I`m romantic man, but this idea is the best i ever see...

vexa007 1 day ago 3

Damnnnnn so romatic
frenly74 1 day ago

i thought that someone would go like "what the fuck dude!? i wanna watch my movie!!!" nice btw congrats!
gordishosexy 1 day ago 3

ohmyawd, I wish I can do that to my future wife.
MrCwalkpeter 1 day ago

Damn!!That was interesting
Blankname101 1 day ago 3

He is the most interensting man
MegaDemonlover 1 day ago

it would be so awkward if she said no
JoshWallaceGC 1 day ago 4

Fake and Takei..
MoOtErFiCk1 1 day ago

ravballer 1 day ago

now that a propsal
animenewbie420 1 day ago

why would someone dislike this

HughsieBoy24 1 day ago in playlist Trending Videos of the Week (5/20)

Im surprised all her girlfriends didnt tell her. :P lol jks. Very well done. Grats.
ShaneyPo0 1 day ago


jk congrats!
worldfamous09 1 day ago

cana2011da 1 day ago

The narration was so bad.

thenewdesignone 1 day ago in playlist Trending Videos of the Week (5/20)
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liamisocool 1 day ago

This is adorable :)
megbutlerschannel 1 day ago

2 years later.....divorce
pygame 1 day ago

didnt mysteryguitarman do something like this?
HeIIToAll 1 day ago 2

@HeIIToAll yeah and he did it better
MrFunnyEd 1 day ago

I bet the 2,377 dislikes were from film directors... They got jealous :P
DivineCards 1 day ago 3

I dont mean to be a party crasher, but this idea was stolen from MysteryGuitarMan's marriage proposal a few months back. Sorry :/ /watch?v=lBx3-A3mLD8
naes9999 1 day ago

why are there 2377 dislikes! this video was awesome!

lilcgurl20 1 day ago

imagine if she said no.
H3cTiCRaDiATiOn 1 day ago 4

They are getting a lot of money from the clicks hahah as wedding present =p
rycebabii 1 day ago

I don't understand why this has gotten so many hits. I'm happy for the couple, but really this whole proposal saga is just absurd and over the top.
italianpride888 1 day ago

Nice to see theres still romance in this world

Fieldy1800 1 day ago 6

sweetpari1 1 day ago

how do i get this free ipad -.-
KingLoganTremblay 1 day ago

awesome man......
Ironhide104 1 day ago

SpaceStation49 1 day ago 13

This marriage is brought to you by

ZachAndVedder 1 day ago
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juvecanada 1 day ago

5:10 go RAMONES !

0554005192 1 day ago

Mystery Guitar Man did this like... quiiiite a while ago...
alexyuzwa 1 day ago

orrrrrr, it made me cry.....Congratulations
MrTommytucker56 1 day ago


scarut 1 day ago

SuperMicklovin 1 day ago

why so much hate? congrats to the both of you, I hope you are very happy in your lives together :)
PabbyBoy 1 day ago

Best marriage proposal ever! By far the sweetest thing I have ever seen!
13TaraDise13 1 day ago

That guy's getting pussy tonight
MegaShiny 1 day ago
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scarut 1 day ago

This is a porno? Under the views its says

As seen on Pajarracos- Porno, Humor, Noticias Curiosas y Webcams Amateur. LOL
N3wbyB3wby 1 day ago


I don't think it was actually a real audience, I think he had told a bunch of friends of theirs that he was doing this and told them all to be at this theatre, it was dark inside so she didn't recognize any of them. That's my theory anyway, a bunch of them came down to give her a hug and such so I think that;s what happened
EruptionRules 1 day ago

LOL this is so copied from the mysteryguitarman proposal!
elitescooby 1 day ago

@elitescooby Who cares...
samuel7897 1 day ago

sabes si hay algun video subtitulado en español, gracias

02ddi 1 day ago in playlist Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!

This video succeeded! It made 2,375 people jealous!
BumblebeeSwift 1 day ago

maravillosooooooooo !!!!!!!!!

chacotopher 1 day ago

wouldn't it be funny if she said no
bxxx9 1 day ago
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MyPoem4u 1 day ago
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TheMrFreshPrince1 1 day ago 2

lalakimmie19 1 day ago

that's sweet. but i bet the people who actully WANTED to watch the movie were like cool story bro. now turn on the movie!
priya2598 1 day ago

damn that was awesomely unexpeted how'd he find the time to do that
KingKazma105 1 day ago

did the people end up watcher the movie that they paid for?LOOOL
shedde16 1 day ago

thats so awesome :)
angelADuae 1 day ago
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Amanda2184han 1 day ago

Hey everybody, if you wanna watch something cool check out our video. Remember to give your rating. Thanks!
MyPoem4u 1 day ago

it make me cry....congratulations guys
athena128551 1 day ago

wowww 12 million
4lifecopt 1 day ago

I wish you the greatest life together.
Fankarlin 1 day ago
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TheyCallMeWendy 1 day ago

What if she said no....
TheReapersWay 1 day ago 4

@TheReapersWay Then they don't get married... Common sense bud
xSchneids 1 day ago

I LIKE IT. wonderful
thanhvanphongdinh 1 day ago
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ThaRealMsWayne 1 day ago

Very unique .. let's hope he's that enthused in 10 yrs lol.. my bf prop 2 me on hall.ark crd- - that was unique too! I still hv the crd n it's been 40 yrs..
mistylatteable 1 day ago

love this!!!!
wittchimp 1 day ago

i wonder what every body else was like
TheThenerdanotor12 1 day ago
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MyPoem4u 1 day ago

Mistery Guitar Man Proposal Idea!!!
gunacopter 1 day ago 3

I like it! It's so romantic!
kilunore 1 day ago

Thumbs up if you hate people who ask for thumbs up
FOODMONST3R 1 day ago

Branos93 1 day ago

Hey! Sit down im trying to watch the movie!
FOODMONST3R 1 day ago 4

It was very original but the rest of the people there must have been like: " seriously? Grats and all but I payed to see the movie not a family get together"
MariaChikitita 1 day ago

what if she's on a date with this other guy while the trailers goin
Shazzamnwithoutus 1 day ago

so touching

jamesbz19 1 day ago

haha, did some one shout get lost at 5:09
gmwphnehn 1 day ago

Congratulations! Perhaps I'm a sap but this was fantastic!

tarlah 1 day ago

I was overjoyed n cried... Awesone
vontan72 1 day ago

That guy in the back was like "WTF when does this movie start?"
O8adk 1 day ago

@O8adk u clearly didnt realize that the audience was everyone they knew ....

emotioNrgX 1 day ago

how rude to disrupt the movie that the rest of the audience paid to see...
OobydoobBanoubie 1 day ago
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MyPoem4u 1 day ago

After this he'll never know if she really loved him for him ...
HelloMyNameIsBob977 1 day ago

ImHumgry 1 day ago

@TheBMXStreetlife fuck off troll get a life dickfaced lunatic
whitepeoplesuckass 1 day ago

Okay so how did he do that???

Suesbob 1 day ago

thats fuckin aWEOSME

bobtheforth 1 day ago

Omfg this was the cutest marriage proposal ever!!!

I started crying when the dad gave his daughter's hand in marriage to matt

I hope if i ever get married i can get a proposal as awesome as this :)
dxroxxx 1 day ago

@dxroxxx And let's hope you do something equally as awesome for the guy you're with. A lot of women out there have such ridiculously high expectations, and they fail to return the favor. If you don't get what you want, don't bitch about it, because most likely, you were the source of the problem.
realmofsilence 20 hours ago

ScottPilgrimXRamona 1 day ago

i wii do something like that, but with a new lady..never with my wife,,,hehe
1922eduardo 1 day ago

what was the movie
MizeryCinema 1 day ago

2372 people got rejected when proposing because their gf's "wanted it to be like matt and ginny"
CarnageMerc 1 day ago
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MyPoem4u 1 day ago

....That kinda made me cry...Haha xP I'm way to sentsitive!!!
AnimeFreakxDMuchx3 1 day ago

t1mTV 1 day ago

not bad... pretty original and well made...
TheLostProphecies 1 day ago

lol you can tell he has a lot of money..
tommy20464 1 day ago 2

@jakkes96w was the ipad thing real? can u message me the site if its legit ? =]
Poncho707 1 day ago

@Poncho707 Its not legit, its fags tryna get attention..
jordan5168 1 day ago

omg thats so cute!

BeautifulinSanityx13 1 day ago

cute <3

GrimmjowJaegerjaque0 1 day ago

wtf? so theres no movie
tuber52 1 day ago 2

So How am i supposed to One up This haha congrats man. My girlfriend is gunna hate me though if i cant come up with something almost as cute
kaysaps 1 day ago

@kaysaps Well, then she doesn't deserve you. A woman who is that greedy deserves nothing good in life.
realmofsilence 20 hours ago

How could there be ANY dislikes at all for something so sweet!!??

This isnt making the movies jealous, this is making ME jealous....
jordanpruittjuli 1 day ago

I was waiting for her to say no
chvick 1 day ago

Оригинально, красиво. Такое признание на всю жизнь запомниться. Лишь бы не кончался "запал"
LirisNSK 1 day ago

Oh my, that's adorable. Congrats on the yes.
ToBeAVampire101 1 day ago

it sucks for the guys who took their first date to that movie.... raising the bar man...
laughing31 1 day ago 6

well he kind of set the bar for marriage proposals pretty fricking high so it's going to be a challenge to beat that

BlazyNonVevo 1 day ago

LMAO 3:09 Great Proposal
Extreme105 1 day ago
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shreder89 1 day ago 6

@shreder89 he looked more like "say what! no movie dog?" xD
Made0fStone 1 day ago
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kulpreetg 1 day ago
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kulpreetg 1 day ago



Cherub217 1 day ago 5

/watch?v=c7G5m302AiM an AMAZING MW3 TRAILER (all rights go to infinity wards)
That1SpawnCamper 1 day ago

i bet this guy made alot of girls around the world hate their bf's for their types of proposals XD
Spdking7 1 day ago 2

Why didn't he run on the wall at 3:50

RickyMossip 1 day ago

canucksftw7 1 day ago
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3dpcman 1 day ago

This is... wow. :') made me cry.
bbyd0ll1 1 day ago

ravballer 1 day ago

IF YOU DISLIKED THIS YOUR A HATER!!!! this is beautiful
Olusmakingmoves 1 day ago

people who propose in front of crowds are lame
engela2 1 day ago

@engela2 I think it's adorable...:/

DarkGates8 1 day ago

@DarkGates8 what if she doesn't want to marry him? No pressure, right?
engela2 1 day ago

loved it, i reckon this has got to be the cutest and madest proposal everrrrr!! meannn!! <3
HAZBRO17 1 day ago

hahahah that black guy in the red shirt..."wtf i paid 12 bucks for this" hahaha

ps no offense to black ppl

NYGPiNoY 1 day ago

@NYGPiNoY lmao
tiBbLeX 1 day ago



thumbs up so everyone can see

thanks for your support :)
kulpreetg 1 day ago
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kulpreetg 1 day ago
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getsilly222 1 day ago

@getsilly222 ... more proof most woman are greedy roots!
tiBbLeX 1 day ago

@tiBbLeX true my friend, very true!
getsilly222 1 day ago

Way to raise the bar hommie :D
redboycaptures 1 day ago

Now every guy is going to have to do something like this.
xshonofthedeadx 1 day ago

The More Beautifull video for the moment

liltitan1000 1 day ago
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MyPoem4u 1 day ago

what was the music played when runs into the theatre with the popcorn in slow motion?
abeltherock 1 day ago

The black man in the background is best

FeelingLuckyPunk100 1 day ago

@mvaldezdz lol yes, yes i am being trolled lol
GDI109 1 day ago

@GDI109 no you're trolling.
mvaldezdz 1 day ago

@im123go Thank you very much ....have a nice day ; )
TheTheAnnashow 1 day ago
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MyPoem4u 1 day ago

Way to raise the bar....dick
shubadishwa212779 1 day ago 28

best thing I have ever seen.

GBassVlog 1 day ago

super cool dude!nxt tym Imma do this to my one and only girl! :) different move man, lol!imma not copy yours,., XD this is so perfect! :) nicely done,.,
alexisprinceM2 1 day ago

MacManReviewer 1 day ago 4

Very nice i hope their marriage lasts for ever.
marthabirmaher 1 day ago

Presuming this is real....if he was going to go to this whole effort, he should have at least made the preview WAYYY better, pacing wise and such. Could have ended up much better with a little more thought.
clive2345 1 day ago

@clive2345 ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!........
AlbertaSteeze 1 day ago

@AlbertaSteeze not in the slightest. The whole reveal was retarded, it had very little ummmppffffff to it.

But anyway, as stated by many. The whole video is most likely a total fake.
clive2345 20 hours ago
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MyPoem4u 1 day ago

mata168 1 day ago

this was pretty sweet
djkells3 1 day ago

Great job! That's true love.. Not many guys do what you did nowadays.. Congratulations!.. I'm still waiting for my bf's proposal.. haha..
xxelizabeth24xx 1 day ago

@xxelizabeth24xx Yeah, and not many girls are genuinely deserving of such treatment. You expect so much, but give so little in return. If you weren't so shallow and only went after a guy based on looks, then maybe you wouldn't be making such a ludicrous statement in the first place.
realmofsilence 20 hours ago

*le sigh*...what does it take to recieve a man like that who will put sooo much creativity in a marriage proposal....#lovedit
cebm07 1 day ago

everyone else in the theater is like "Yaay... Alright settle down... SHUT THE FUCK UP I WANT TO WATCH THE MOVIE"

thebsenior 1 day ago 7

Wow thats awesome! good job dude! (Y) =D
GeneralPanzershrek 1 day ago

the best!!!
keonmiss 1 day ago

stop talking in the theater bitch
SoccerDudeACW 1 day ago

That was epic!
xoxsupersxox 1 day ago


why would you resist? if you dont like it, why would you watch the ENTIRE video. this should make you want a girl. if you could get one.
rachelovesyoulots 1 day ago


Yeah cause you know for sure that to the left of me is a woman laying down with nothing but her top.

Save it. You dont know me at all.
wgamador 1 day ago

COPYCAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!! ALREADY BEEN DONE BACK IN 2009!!! Check out "My USC Movie Theater Engagement Proposal"
T0rche 1 day ago

this is amazing
cothman 1 day ago

Awwwh :) LOVE THIS !
Barbiiegirl123 1 day ago

what was the song called when he's running with the popcorn?
metalsnak6 1 day ago

@metalsnak6 it is called O Fortuna composed by Carl Orff
guidrynj 1 day ago

SmileLee6 1 day ago

they probably fucked like savages that night
thomonkey22 1 day ago 4

Wow il s'en est donné du mal pour faire ça ! Félicitations !!!
juicyjuly22 1 day ago

This is a sweet marriage proposal, very well done, very similar to the one my husband did for me back in 2009 - check out "My USC Theater Engagement Proposal".
only1genevieve 1 day ago

@only1genevieve Just saw your husbands video. Looks like Matt stole his idea and got 12 million hits for it.
thaddeusvanderman 1 day ago

103,021 lonely women with their cats dream of a proposal like this

2,365 single men want to hurt Matt for screwing it up for the rest of us.
thaddeusvanderman 1 day ago 5
Comment removed
getsilly222 1 day ago

This is wonderful. There should be more love like this in the world. Well done ~ I hope your life is filled with much love and laughter. Just remember though, that the proposal or wedding is not what it is about, but the marriage that you spend your lives building. I think you are off to a fantastic start. Yahoo!!!
susanfryer932 1 day ago

the asshole stole my idea:p
HiroM2J 1 day ago 3

lol never expected him to add a Jagged Edge track to this vid.
dunkAmania002 1 day ago
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I2ogerlehot 1 day ago

what camera is this?
TECHLIFE20 1 day ago

@rosztun let me ask you this. do you think they give a shit that u didnt like this? do you think they are sitting behind their computer looking for pointers? did you make ANY difference by critiquing this video? keep ur dumbass opinion to urself. fuckin HATER. dont be mad that u have a small penis. and if ur a girl dont be mad that u would be lucky to have a proposal half as good as this one.
BV10707 1 day ago

@BV10707 You must be really really retarded, good luck living in your trailer.
rosztun 21 hours ago

longest trailer ever, now i want to see the divorce sequel
omegatestament 1 day ago 2

Fake or not.


Marriage proposal like that are fucking corny. Agree or not, its the reality.
GuerreroBestEver 1 day ago

How hilarious would it have been if she said no.

you know this could be fake?
JustAnotherYtuber 1 day ago

@JustAnotherYtuber its not. we know the people. they live very close to us. this is the theatre i always go to. so no its not fake one bit
TECHLIFE20 1 day ago

de seguro lo vieron en taringa y por eso vinieron..............
FLYOATH 1 day ago

that was sweet, now if only all guys put that much effort into it.
ctakabahinah 1 day ago

@97Caylum really?

haniekunie 1 day ago

im not cyring....really

omgfgpaperclipx 1 day ago

krazykap0 1 day ago

Profoundly stupid and clearly fake. The turn the lights OFF when they show the trailers and there is no way they got that clear of a shot without her knowing she was being taped. Oh and she just happens to not realize the theater is full of everyone she knows, WITH all the lights on?
mstenacious1 1 day ago

@mstenacious1 He did say i have another "surprise" for you and that was when her friends came down at the end and she was hugging them.. dont be jelous that was the best proposal anyone could have thought of
ilovecoke23 1 day ago
Comment removed
getsilly222 1 day ago

@ilovecoke23 I'm not the slightest bit jealous. I'd have said no and walked out if my husband did that to me. You're gullible if you think this is real. They just happen to have a website set up for the media to contact them? With a feed full of things like "Train just commented about us on Facebook!" or "Don't forget to follow us on Twitter!" This is fake, just like a bunch of other proposals gone viral in the past.
mstenacious1 1 day ago

@MaximusLupus THANk, this music score is so dramatic and good. =)
AkiraKeiKyo 1 day ago

@AkiraKeiKyo Most classical music relaxes the mind, this one prepares it.
MaximusLupus 1 day ago

2,362 men are making smart financial and life choices :)
getsilly222 1 day ago time to make sum BABEZZZZZZZZ!!! =D
AdiTeachaG 1 day ago

i hate thumbs UP comments . thumbs DOWN if you agree!!
wighty44 1 day ago

That gave me chills lol, Beautiful just beautiful
music1jr 1 day ago 3

what a great proposal uncle matt
jnerize 1 day ago

2370 people were rejected XD
Rodmx90 1 day ago
Comment removed
Rodmx90 1 day ago

it would be funny if she said no
nickmaila 1 day ago 5