Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beautiful Teacup Female Maltese


<3 i cant another word....? it so much i will die!?
daysi0319 1 month ago 3

so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
urilcamm 4 months ago

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww she's so cute <3 ?
justinbieberizhot100 4 months ago 2

wheree can you buy this kindd of dogg for? a cheapp pricee??/:)

gracekim1000 4 months ago 4

i know if i brung tht pup to show? n tell they'd be like wats that ball of fur doin here lolz
mzallstar1234567 5 months ago 3


abbykinnz 5 months ago 5

ahhhhhh omg i wished it was my puppy:((?
love23kl 6 months ago

is she? for sale
purplelili1 6 months ago

what a cutieeeeeee ^_^ how much did it cost?!? i want to buyyy? one theyre veryy cute
xhoke96 7 months ago

DubstepKittyKoda 7 months ago

Soooo cute!!?
alluringinnocence 7 months ago

i would? like to have the same please!!! i adore it!!!!can i have info???
bellydancervivi 7 months ago

Shee is adorablle!! I literally squealed(sp?) at herr cuuteness!!! i justt wanna takke her hoome!! <33 So cuute hoow she keeps bakking away froom the edge [= Most videos i have seeen of them actualy rolling aaround jumping off, but awwz! This onee iss adorable x.x imma? stopp watchinng pup vids or else imma be upp all nighht lol [=
AnIiMeKitty 7 months ago

ohhhmyyygoshhhh she? is precious <3
littlemissrissy 8 months ago

this has to be the cutest dog i ever seen!!!!!! omg its so cuteeeee!!! its hypnotizing by it's cuteness!!! gosh i want it!!?
katiifavz3 8 months ago

I'm gonna get one and name her Pixie.

P.S. that names been in my mind since I was? 7
Treyskywalker77 9 months ago

My Bella looks JUST like? this. <3
cutepurpleprincess 9 months ago

hey? does anyone know where they sell heese in london at all i really want one !
loisgeorge123 10 months ago 38

im steeling it lol ?
MusicIsMyWorld347 11 months ago 127

ADORABLE! i really want a tea-cup dog but there? sooo expensive !
beachbabie020 11 months ago

hitlermustache 1 year ago

i would like to? buy her!!!

if you are selling her how much is she?
x3dontknowxoxo 1 year ago

AWWW, She's so adorable! Is she for sale? ?
cindyxella 1 year ago

awwwwwwww!!!!!!!! <3 i? want! :)
peacexlovexmaddiex 1 year ago

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Project RunThruSingapore

By owner: Uniquely and entirely shot on Steadicam, RunThruSingapore expresses our love for Singapore. Simulating the run through Singapore in a day, we want to show an epic journey of a young man exploring the beauty of Singapore by running across the entire nation, passing through places that are new, old and even unexplored by Singaporeans.

Comments from public:

    awesome & fantastic video featuring the lives & spirits of Singapore...shared with my overseas friends and they loved it... just a small suggestion: use those past NDP theme songs as the background music/song. ..that would be a perfect gift for 46th NDP or anyone who watch it in the future...excellent work, guys...:)
    san90520 1 week ago 3

    wah lau, watched this vid 20 times already and i'm still not tired of it...
    bastronut 1 week ago 2

    Mute this video and pause it at 0:13, play the local band Electrico's song Faces:­E as the background soundtrack for this video. sit back and enjoy. makes this video a true carthasis and a reflection of being singaporean.
    frogboychickenrice 2 weeks ago 4
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    frogboychickenrice 2 weeks ago

    thumbs up if you recognize all of the places he ran to :)
    waterpolorox 2 weeks ago 4

    I feel that this is one of the best Singapore-made clips that I've ever seen thus far, surpassing the standards of Mediacorp and their NDP videos!!
    tianhua1993 3 weeks ago 4

    I'm an overseas Singaporean. This video makes me more well-disposed towards 'home' than any number of national day videos.
    zonkaroonie 3 weeks ago 7

    awesome shoot! so nice to see familiar places but in a different perspective..
    ilovefourlettersword 4 weeks ago

    @SteadiProductions How did you film it so steadily if you were running with him?
    XreflectX 1 month ago
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    tianhua1993 3 weeks ago

    wooooooo hot boy:D cblock <3

    anyonehere13 1 month ago

    Hey all! There will be a meet and greet session on the 4th SEPT for everyone to find out more about Telok Blangah CC YEC, Project RunThruSingapore & SteadiProductions.

    We will be launching the "Making's of Project RunThruSingapore too"

    Additionally, there will be a live demonstration on how to operate a SteadiCam.
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    ah, this is kinda nostalgic
    setsunaftw 1 month ago

    Awesome job! Thank you so much. I want to share with my friend. Pround of you all..thumb up

    melodyjouful 1 month ago 2

    How did you all get the steady shot while running??
    Drummer8nimation 1 month ago

    Sengkang at 5:03
    Drummer8nimation 1 month ago

    It made me fall in love with Singapore again. Brought a tear to my eye this quiet morning in Tokyo...can't wait to go home.  Thanks for making it. It's fantastic.
    terminalcase42 1 month ago 3

    @terminalcase42 Glad you liked it... I'm sure you'll get home soon!
    thevideographer90 1 month ago

    oh my god. i wanted to do a video like this too in stop motion. someone beat me to it! D: great vid!
    titanlyy 1 month ago

    Well done ! Steady lah.... ! :D
    beyon13 1 month ago

    I like how s'pore is the only country that you can run around in less then 8 mins..Awesome!!!

    sooriyah007 1 month ago

    Good concept and good effort! :)
    Lxmby 1 month ago

    awesome video man !
    TraceurJY 1 month ago

    alloaw 1 month ago

    Awesome job ! Just curious, how many days did you take to shoot ? :)
    Hafiz93 1 month ago

    @Hafiz93 It took us about 6 months to complete the shoot!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    This video should be renamed as .. Around Singapore in 7:36 mins
    ChiliKeY 1 month ago 2

    Nice video, would be perfect if he can run in LKY's and the ministers' houses.
    graysg 1 month ago

    i super like! fantastic idea!
    eminozy 1 month ago

    luckily he did not run on PIE.........
    helltoturingforever 1 month ago

    Hats of you! Great job!
    babusaj1 1 month ago

    Good job guys!
    ahkl77 1 month ago

    great video, get a great tour of Singapore this way. 
    gopher3737 1 month ago

    what's the triangular building in the background at 1:24? it's one of my favourite buildings in Singapore but I still haven't figured out its name!
    puddleofgooify 1 month ago

    @puddleofgooify It's the Golden Mile Complex building ;)
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    loved itt!
    eldridtan 1 month ago

    Nice Video. Some of these places I even didn't even explored, haha. Good Job!
    SAD2656594 1 month ago 2

    this video is awesome! the entire idea and concept is absolutely refreshing and beautiful. A million round of applause to the production team
    iONGGY 1 month ago

    this is beautiful :) well done!
    jngsh 1 month ago

    Ying Quan, just ignore them. You're a running demi-god! ...second only to the camera man who presumably was running backwards! This is fantastic! Six months well invested in my book. Thank you all so very much!
    johnnymcsporran 1 month ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed this video, especially the part on Kranji War Memorial. I went there when I was a soldier and that felt especially meaningful. Would love to go back there to pay respect again.
    thelastrebirth 1 month ago

    What a brilliant concept & video! Kudos to Jason and Ying Quan for directing & producing such an original and moving vid!! A truly Made-In-Singapore project that I can proudly show off to foreign friends!

    (Hwvr, i do wish that you had inserted a part where the jogger buys some flowers from the market or something, so that there's a context to how the flowers suddenly appeared in his hands when he placed them at the war memorial. Also, is there a reason why yr 24-hr jogger wasnt credited?:)
    jellycomics 1 month ago 8

    @jellycomics Thanks for your praise! =) Well! The Runner is Ying Quan! He is the producer and runner =)
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago 3

    i wish you guys could add captions for all the locations (i know it's a lot of work) - ashamed to say i can't identify all of them. but fantaaaastic video. thanks for renewing my love for singapore!
    zephyr84 1 month ago

    @zephyr84 Hello Zephyr! I detailed breakdown of the location can be found in the google map placed under our video!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    Great concept. Good and admirable effort. However, only one criticism from me is - the crossfade editing is badly executed. It would better serve with good and fast straight cut.

    Overall, proud of the video!

    Keep up the good work.
    davade2 1 month ago

    how did u film him running? were u on the back of a bike or something?

    Zetality 1 month ago

    @Zetality Hi Zetality, we flipped the LCD monitor of the 60D to the side and ran together with the runner!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    @SteadiProductions then how come so stable while you film and run?
    rykalbapakkau 1 month ago

    @rykalbapakkau Read the comment. It says shot using Steadicam.
    ZonMng 1 month ago

    @rykalbapakkau Read the info. It says shot using Steadicam.
    ZonMng 1 month ago

    Thanks for your support guys! Do support our passion for Singapore by sharing our video with fellow Singaporeans and also your International Friends!

    Do follow us on our youtube channel & like our Facebook page
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    i see my neighborhood! <3 the vid. thanks.
    bajero 1 month ago

    The video was very well flimed. It shows a lot of planning and effort putting in.

    Unfortunately the guy in the video don't looks like a runner. He got no running style. Should get a real runner that glide like those Kenyas' long distance runners and with proper running attire. Then this video will be a very captivating one. Showcasting our beautiful island.
    cityhousefly 1 month ago

    pruss wan for awesomeness
    weedee88 1 month ago

    Thanks so much for producing this clip. Even when I'm out of Singapore, it feels home watching this.
    eclipsingly 1 month ago 2

    great job..makes me feel like running too!
    auzistar 1 month ago 2

    A wonderful production gues... well done! I love it!
    avongxay 1 month ago

    awesome stuff they should have shown this at NDP 2011.
    neon0mega 1 month ago

    Awesome video! Shows that there are still some places left that I've yet to explore in Singapore. :)

    AshrafSpore 1 month ago

    Lovely video :)

    I do agree. There really is a lot of beauty all around, a lot going on on this little island. The ironic thing is that I didn't grow up in "that Singapore" - I never went to Kampong Glam or Little India as a kid. I discovered these places as an adult, and I like them because they are evocative of bits of local history that're exotic to me.
    lkaiping 1 month ago

    Amaaaaazing. Looking forward to RTS2 - The places we missed during RTS1.
    astrodotsg 1 month ago

    This is the best video that STB never produced. Also a very lovely paean to Singaporeans.
    piggnant 1 month ago

    this is awesome! it was fun guessing which part of SG he was running thru! Im based in KL now, and even tho Im in a neighbouring country, i dont get to go home often enough. Now this has put a huge smile on my face on this lovely Sunday morning. Good job guys. a simple concept but well executed. :)
    fidahrashid 1 month ago

    Locations are all jumbled up and the guy didnt perspire at all makes it a little weird. BUT nonetheless awesome effort made <3
    faithloh1 1 month ago

    Pandan reservoir! 2.4km run for rv students :)
    athena149 1 month ago

    might have worked better if the guy didn't run like a girl.
    saetria 1 month ago

    Very very nice! The guy looks like he would have done a pretty good marathon time. How did his hair stay so perfectly coiffed during the run? ;) BTW what official run did he run through when he was at the Padang?
    enp01sg 1 month ago 2
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    sirspiff 1 month ago

    fujie94 1 month ago

    this is da bomb:DD

    niebuhrnobfear 1 month ago

    who in the right mind will dislike this vid?!
    tans0249 1 month ago

    therepublicist 1 month ago

    The credits section wrote "Unmarked Guitars" -- I think that's a mistake.
    muhammadhirman 1 month ago

    So many nice places that I don't recognize! Good job with the video.
    Arktos08 1 month ago 2

    muhammadhirman 1 month ago

    Take how long to complet the run :)

    georgeporky 1 month ago

    @georgeporky It took us 6 months to film this =D
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    wa lao eh, I wanna do that, but I can't run further than 100metres
    IAmNotFatdotNet 1 month ago

    yet another production from ruicheng and team. i like it :D
    ibeee 1 month ago

    omg i saw the park beside jp and boonlay shopping centre! LOL.... nice one!
    marshtuber 1 month ago

    any one can tell me wad that 2 song name ?

    iphone4999 1 month ago

    @iphone4999 It is in the video description, just click on the 'Show more' tab..
    odomisauq 1 month ago

    did he run to the zoo? where did you find this guy, NO SWEAT!!! HAHA but this is an awesome vid. the editing was great, the music was great, lighting. BRILLIANT!!!

    i wish i'd thought of this.
    stjap19 1 month ago

    @stjap19 Yo! Nope we did not run the Zoo! Thanks for Supporting us =)
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    @SteadiProductions will look forward to your up and coming video.
    stjap19 1 month ago

    okay who wants to plan a running route based on this video?
    jkai27 1 month ago

    Overall it's awesome, the songs go very well with the video as well. kudos to your efforts. I have a humble suggestion, maybe next time can feature local music ? Especially those local indie artistes like 53a and Inch Chua. Trying working with them if possible, it would be mutually beneficial for the creative industry here in sg. =)
    odomisauq 1 month ago 2

    @odomisauq Hi odomisauq, yes it would be great to work with local indie artistes! It was our original choice to use local music in the first place, but lack of time to source and work out details meant using The Jezabels, who are really good :) If I had a choice, definitely local! Thanks for the band suggestions!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    By the way, I'd be sharing it with my family and other friends as well ;)
    ff9garnet90 1 month ago

    @ff9garnet90 Hi ff9garnet90, thank you for the support!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    Wonderful video =).Give me a tight feeling to my chest and make me feel that, once again, I'm proud to be a Singaporean. Great job guys =)!
    ff9garnet90 1 month ago

    This is beautifully done. :D

    Does anyone know what the building at 05:19 is?
    geeksomeguy 1 month ago

    @geeksomeguy 5.19 is Orchard Ion =)
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago 2

    Lovely video. But wai u no support local music :(
    plovery0 1 month ago 2

    @plovery0 We will definitely do that in our next video :)
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    IS HE FOREST GUMP?? he looks like he runs funny.
    jilun 1 month ago

    2 people are foreign talent.
    kenilim 1 month ago 35

    awesome video. gives a warm fuzzy feeling inside especially for those overseas who are missing home. =)
    linkingd0ts 1 month ago

    Great concept! But found the guy bowing at both the Kranji War Cemetery and Civilian War Memorial a bit strange (esp for the civilian war memorial- considering it's a commemoration of those who perished during ww2) Overall, nice video!
    plxn 1 month ago 2
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    plxn 1 month ago
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    plxn 1 month ago

    Well done. Makes me feel all warm and patriotic inside
    johnsmith1330 1 month ago 2

    DotaLord1993 1 month ago

    this is lovely, Happy Birthday Singapore :))
    ghostbabe38 1 month ago

    Great video! If we put all our political affiliations and typical Singaporean cynicism aside, we can take a step back and actually notice that we have a rather beautiful country. Makes me miss home a wee bit. Happy birthday, Singapore! Lots of love from Pittsburgh! <3
    Eghhhh 1 month ago 2

    Darn got to rewatch it for the scenic shots I missed. Spent too much time looking at his chest
    yardypoop 1 month ago 22

    @yardypoop cuz his chest says zoom?
    zhiyang434 1 month ago

    This is a nice and creative video, but a little too long. Nevertheless well done
    vinvgohg 1 month ago

    very well done guys!
    wubefrub 1 month ago

    This is one of the most beautiful and touching videos I have ever watched as a Singaporean.
    1337hacks 1 month ago 2

    @1337hacks Thanks for your support! HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    Nice work Jason! Glad that I met you last Sunday :) (60D Battery grip eh?) See you again soon!
    aochengsu 1 month ago

    Great job on the video. With all that is happening in Singapore now, somehow your video has made me proud to be a Singaporean again. Thank you. Happy National Day
    daniel7521 1 month ago 2

    @daniel7521 Happy national day to you too! Thanks a lot for your support! Let us all be proud of our beautiful country and show it to the world!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    doggie1993 1 month ago

    also @5.43 would have been awesome if they jumped on that passenger bike and filmed it, would be nice to add a little comedy in it :)
    thesoftmint 1 month ago

    i like how he doesnt sweat at all
    endot 1 month ago 5

    @endot its the shirt XD really =D
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    Wonderful video! Thank you so much for your time and effort making it, I really appreciate it!

    Living overseas, I never realised how much I missed Singapore until how emo I got when watching this. I really teared up after all the different scenes that I've personally walked and been in.

    Fantastic job :-)
    rinaz 1 month ago

    @rinaz Thanks!!! Do check out the google map for the locations so that when you come back to visit Singapore again! You'll see them =)

    Do share it with your overseas and show them the Beauty of our Country!!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    Happy National Day to All! Do lend us your support for our simple project by sharing it with all your loved ones and international friends too!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    Wow, on the faster scenes, the steadi-cameraman must really have quite a strong arm D:
    wksim91 1 month ago

    @wksim91 Our director Jason need a lot of arm training just for this HAHA
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    This is a really wonderful video. (Personally I would have used Martin Solveig's 'Ready To Go' song for the music but that's just me). I thought I knew most of Singapore but you have shown me a lots of sites I have yet to visit! THank you! Also, having the map of his run is very helpful. Can't wait to use this info in my next visit this December!
    TorontoViewer 1 month ago

    @TorontoViewer Thanks for your kind words! Do lend us your support and help us to spread our video around!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    Man I was hoping he would run on the water from Ubin back to Changi Ferry Terminal. Disappointed.
    chelidagreat 1 month ago 2

    I was thinking he could have swam back to sg.
    a1beng 1 month ago

    Awesome vid! But why go from jurong to woodlands then back down to gombak then to ang mo kio. Lol.. It's not consistent. But the other places are all linked and consistent.
    xiangyao1 1 month ago

    @xiangyao1 Haha! We tried to somewhat ran a complete round but its quite difficult to link in the end
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    what about Pulau Tekong mate!

    Overall an awesome job guys =)
    tohwushu 1 month ago

    @tohwushu LOL that place can't be filmed sadly
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    Danny MacAskill - "Way Back Home" go check it out. the video uses the same song and its also about this man cycling around somewhere. (as opposed to a guy running)
    ngzhongqin 1 month ago

    @ngzhongqin Yea! we got inspiration from that video too =)
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago
    Comment removed
    ngzhongqin 1 month ago

    is he wearing a bra?

    thesoftmint 1 month ago 2

    @thesoftmint No the actor is not wearing a bra =.=
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    @SteadiProductions haha i just kidding, nice video anyway, althought u should get a shot of tekong, quite a intresting site tbh, i am sure that if u asked u might have been able to do it.

    thesoftmint 1 month ago

    @thesoftmint lol now that's all i can see!
    omgsianz 1 month ago

    @omgsianz Thanks! Help us spread the msg =)
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    Great job Mr Tan! Now I know why you are all that busy during our SAGE rehearsals. :D

    Thanks for your support and guidance albeit your busy schedule!!
    andrew651992 1 month ago

    @andrew651992 Help us spread the love in JJC too!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    how many months it took to make this video? :O
    mingz 1 month ago

    @mingz It took us 8 Months in total, 6 Months to carry out the filming =)
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    That dude didn't run through Singapore
    firdaus125 1 month ago

    @firdaus125 Well we didn't literally ran through Singapore on foot, but we indeed travel through almost every single part of Singapore!
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago

    Great work. why not geylang...
    mock83 1 month ago 4

    Hey There! Thanks for your support! We did film geylang but the scene didn't turn out nice unfortunetely
    SteadiProductions 1 month ago