Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beautiful Teacup Female Maltese


<3 i cant another word....? it so much i will die!?
daysi0319 1 month ago 3

so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
urilcamm 4 months ago

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww she's so cute <3 ?
justinbieberizhot100 4 months ago 2

wheree can you buy this kindd of dogg for? a cheapp pricee??/:)

gracekim1000 4 months ago 4

i know if i brung tht pup to show? n tell they'd be like wats that ball of fur doin here lolz
mzallstar1234567 5 months ago 3


abbykinnz 5 months ago 5

ahhhhhh omg i wished it was my puppy:((?
love23kl 6 months ago

is she? for sale
purplelili1 6 months ago

what a cutieeeeeee ^_^ how much did it cost?!? i want to buyyy? one theyre veryy cute
xhoke96 7 months ago

DubstepKittyKoda 7 months ago

Soooo cute!!?
alluringinnocence 7 months ago

i would? like to have the same please!!! i adore it!!!!can i have info???
bellydancervivi 7 months ago

Shee is adorablle!! I literally squealed(sp?) at herr cuuteness!!! i justt wanna takke her hoome!! <33 So cuute hoow she keeps bakking away froom the edge [= Most videos i have seeen of them actualy rolling aaround jumping off, but awwz! This onee iss adorable x.x imma? stopp watchinng pup vids or else imma be upp all nighht lol [=
AnIiMeKitty 7 months ago

ohhhmyyygoshhhh she? is precious <3
littlemissrissy 8 months ago

this has to be the cutest dog i ever seen!!!!!! omg its so cuteeeee!!! its hypnotizing by it's cuteness!!! gosh i want it!!?
katiifavz3 8 months ago

I'm gonna get one and name her Pixie.

P.S. that names been in my mind since I was? 7
Treyskywalker77 9 months ago

My Bella looks JUST like? this. <3
cutepurpleprincess 9 months ago

hey? does anyone know where they sell heese in london at all i really want one !
loisgeorge123 10 months ago 38

im steeling it lol ?
MusicIsMyWorld347 11 months ago 127

ADORABLE! i really want a tea-cup dog but there? sooo expensive !
beachbabie020 11 months ago

hitlermustache 1 year ago

i would like to? buy her!!!

if you are selling her how much is she?
x3dontknowxoxo 1 year ago

AWWW, She's so adorable! Is she for sale? ?
cindyxella 1 year ago

awwwwwwww!!!!!!!! <3 i? want! :)
peacexlovexmaddiex 1 year ago

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