Friday, December 16, 2011

Cute Girl - Price Tag Cover by 3 year old Gabrielle

Cute little girl singing! Comments: ahh naa noo PRRRRRRRIIICCCCCCCEEEEEEEE TTTTTTTAAAAAAGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!! cute daniisawsomeful 27 seconds ago how cute ! :) dairyqueen1998 8 minutes ago she's so cute !! i love her dinaki123zouzounaki 11 minutes ago crazy  biilgin 12 minutes ago de banii jtie sa zik :))))) DaNyDaNy560 12 minutes ago awwwwww shannonluvsumiley 13 minutes ago EVRYBODY LOOK TO THE LEFT!!!!  EVRYBODY LOOK TO THE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! ;) xx shes so adorable xoxoxoxoxox vicplum123 16 minutes ago how can u dislike this ?  ZigecTheFreak 21 minutes ago in playlist Liked I never EAT AT NIGHT :D A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e :) MileyCyrusTheBest101 23 minutes ago ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dollyadeoye 29 minutes ago It's sounds like she says: Look over there, some fries i'm gonna eat at night Lalala lalala Stop the noodles at nine Soooooo sweet!!!  TamanaVevo 29 minutes ago it is full of sweet hacobamer 32 minutes ago money money money hahahahahhaha $ TheSweatestBitch 32 minutes ago Ssssooooooo ccccuuuuuuuttttteeee SuperBadoori 43 minutes ago hehe laughed a lot :DD tymex123s 44 minutes ago Damn, I think Justin Bieber has goten himself a compatitor xD UntitledScars 44 minutes ago this is the cutes thing ever! >< <3 PlonkerStar 49 minutes ago she's so cute <3 nata05091990 58 minutes ago megaa , ona jest rozwalająca . Megaa megaa ;** karoliinqqa 1 hour ago Comment removed karoliinqqa 1 hour ago Oh My God she's adorable and she's got groove...U rock BabyGirl :0) MaikaDee 1 hour ago how cute *-* rachelheldenhaft 1 hour ago OMG she´s soooooo sweeet!!o.o SweetGirl6Love 1 hour ago sweet! RaicoEbel 2 hours ago aahhh love :') ApplesAndDaisies 2 hours ago qe gracinhaaaaaaaaaaaa  jimkasuya1 2 hours ago wow great :D JoyceMaryLy 2 hours ago ahh soooo cute charzz1999 2 hours ago pritty good  crazyfrog1oo 2 hours ago AAAAAAAAAAAAAAACH Veertjee00 2 hours ago sooooooooooooooooo cutee awesomemess1 2 hours ago better than justin bieber ;) MusikTv95 2 hours ago 15 @MusikTv95 hahaha budakcomelish 2 hours ago @MusikTv95 Way more MultiJC90 49 minutes ago hahaha !! very cuteeee :D <3 BsrMhr 2 hours ago money, money, money. *Stops for a while* Money, money, money. HAHAHAHAHAHA, So cuteee~ JoycelynHiga3001 2 hours ago that cute! greater cuteness I have ever seen! own .. lknmee 2 hours ago She wants that Dad, GET IT. 0:22. lol ch3ckth1s0ut1 3 hours ago thats soo it.<3 how could anybody dislike?:O themillyfication 3 hours ago aww cute kaari0 3 hours ago Awwww thats adorable well done L96A1iiMontagez 3 hours ago More daddy moorree XD<333333 cuuuutttee AnneBanne99 3 hours ago laaalaalaalaalaaala HEEEEEY Lalalallaaaaa HEEEEEEY, so cute. melissaa13xkus 3 hours ago 15 @melissaa13xkus Hha XD AnneBanne99 3 hours ago What it sounds like: Look over there they got some fries Go and eat at night doodeedoodeedoo just stop the noodles and cry Everybody looks to the LEFT everybody looks to the RIGHT feel that yah were paying with luck tonight ............... money, money, money ............... money,money,money wow dance pwice tag sgnorush 3 hours ago wow  very nice Gerula94 3 hours ago sooooo cuutee lookss like my little sis ellePHAM 3 hours ago @101Sparkeygirl Jealous in what????a guy that looks like a girl and sings like somebody is trying to strangle him xD marjoh1024 3 hours ago all i heard was: there is no better , a want to sleep at night......... ellePHAM 3 hours ago i don't like.. :D ThEnDiary 3 hours ago For a three year old, that is amazing! I love how she knows left and right! RashmikaClavain 3 hours ago vilken låt är det?  TheRyttse97 3 hours ago sweeeeet.*-* MsZuckermaedchen 3 hours ago Cute but you can only hear some words:P she is soo adorable so i liked sssslc 4 hours ago ang cute hahaha !! ericacute01 4 hours ago ahh so adorable! suzanxx1 4 hours ago how sweet she is ;D JessiSch0k0keks 4 hours ago better than Jus... nah, why would I say that? Everybody know this... RHAFerreira46 4 hours ago Wow 3yr old knows her left and Rights.  D2A2n2y 4 hours ago WHAT A LITTLE RETARTED ANNOYING DEVILISH FUCKING GIRL. bdahits11045 4 hours ago adorable! she makes me smile :) sarahlovesbeauty7 4 hours ago i loveeee it ' she so much cuteeee !!! ~israel the Queen ! ישראל שלייטה (: shanyny3 5 hours ago i love how she says bling a bling avianministry123 5 hours ago 1:47 - " More daddy, more" ? GucciDivah 5 hours ago she needs to learn the words. blueberryjupiter 5 hours ago She is soooooooo cute =DD <3 Just9Monika 5 hours ago Lol how sweet she is so cute hahahaha bumblebeegirl2000 5 hours ago Shes just so cute xx Brianlicker2012 5 hours ago Amazing!♥ She is soo sweet, will you be mine Baby?:D VIPJojoMaus 5 hours ago she's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! missesthercool 5 hours ago ADORABLE LMAO Ellybananas 5 hours ago shes so cute saramaishasings 5 hours ago sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :D :D MrMartin989898 5 hours ago :O oh dear the only things she said right is money money, cha ching - ching and bling bling Renzky 5 hours ago awwwsweet howcute and shes ADORABLE!!! FfionS1 6 hours ago I disliked it because it hurts my fucking ears. mrsmoothcruiser 6 hours ago soooooo cute she's adorable ;p all people dislike that are crazy it's just cute <3 GaelleBreezy 6 hours ago soooo sweet (: winxgirl2000 6 hours ago süßßßßßß ;*  dascoolekind 6 hours ago so cute!!!! fB2530yTuZeR23 6 hours ago ow!!!!!!!!nice one..... 1loverukia07 7 hours ago She is so cute and the reason she cant sing is BECAUSE SHE IS 3!!!!! 1212ILUVME 7 hours ago so it much......!even though i can't understand,stl shes cute.... 1loverukia07 7 hours ago LOL  undeadlive007 7 hours ago so cute*__*  96Canii 7 hours ago YOU SUCKKK BOOOOOOO TROLOLOLOLOOL >:D  mixtraack 8 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show MrFrozenThrown 8 hours ago supper cute  SuperSamira28 8 hours ago tena para PRICE i nena nina NIGHT! NI NA NA NE NA TA every body look to the left! every body look to the light XD... I DONT UNDERSTAND.. CDOC39 8 hours ago 16 @CDOC39 ha ah aha ah ah aha haaaha ha ah yeah she is saying that KemjFlores28 8 hours ago How can anyone not love this, I have watched it many times and think its the cutest thing that I have ever seen! Just adorable! NiceGirl47100 9 hours ago awww! bet she's gonna be a good singer when she's older. Jellybeanifyer 9 hours ago CUUUTE gembelobosok 9 hours ago What an adorable kid. :) analynnjois 10 hours ago aaaahh Super cuteee(lll) TheMassey35 10 hours ago dsdsadsgdsgdadahdydeyddyedyedf­gdgdhgdsjfgbdjgbfdsgbfd gbkdsjgdkjfgdjgdfsgsbdghdfskgj­dsfgbdfsgbdfsggkdsgfhdsgbfd sjgbfdjgbdskjgbdjg MONEY,MONEY,MONEY,MONEY,MONEY YEH.DFSDFSDFDFVGFVDFVDFDFGDFDF­DFDFBDKLFDGKGDKGBDG YEH.FDFDJBFGDJBGJDGJGJDFGBDGDJ­GFDGK OHHH.. SO CUTE :D karenayson 10 hours ago 1,749 people are canadians. Sean0fWar 10 hours ago 2 so cute♥♥ hewvip 10 hours ago 1,749 people are jealous MsCherry1999 11 hours ago woah MsCherry1999 11 hours ago i m just wanna say shit to all the people who dislike it moekhantminlwin 11 hours ago 1,748 are zombies! naniniish 11 hours ago price tag or priceless ?  nabilfaizi 11 hours ago she knows what rhythm is! cacagion 12 hours ago เก่งมาก jom07276 12 hours ago lol princessjada007 12 hours ago awww sooo adorable f4m0uzashes 12 hours ago OMGGG...soooooooo CUTEE MegRocks0 12 hours ago This is soo adorable!! Awww Nikki9dr 12 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show minkao3 12 hours ago Why would you dislike that? She is adorable! (: fooksyisagun98 13 hours ago 35

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cute kids - Don't touch me!

Big sister deals with her annoying little brother Cute kids!