Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there

beautiful quote

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there.

Save our earth.

If you can't contribute, at least don't destroy.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beautiful quote - let me go

Someday, someone is going to thank you for letting me go

Someday, someone is going to thank you for letting me go.

Yes, I'm beautiful; you are beautiful too.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beautiful picture

beautiful picture

Here's a beautiful picture to share with you.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Beautiful Video - Som Sabadell flashmob

"On the 130th anniversary of the founding of Banco Sabadell we wanted to pay homage to our city by means of the campaign "Som Sabadell" (We are Sabadell) . This is the flashmob that we arranged as a final culmination with the participation of 100 people from the Vallès Symphony Orchestra, the Lieder, Amics de l'Òpera and Coral Belles Arts choirs."

Hope this video can lighten up your day!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beautiful Quote - Cry

beautiful quote

People cry, not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Beautiful picture - tranquility

beautiful picture

Life is beautiful.

Hope you will find tranquility soon.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Life is Beautiful

Gathering of numerous great videos.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beautiful Artwork!

This artist is far too amazing!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beautiful Autistic Girl - Carly

Amazing video which proves autism is not what most doctors and everyone else think it is. Life can be beautiful for everyone if you were to show more love them each and everyone of them.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind

As the title says, the dog refused to leave his injured friend behind. Human beings can do better.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grandpa Shuffling

Watching this grandpa dance does create some joy somehow.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Most Intense Taekwondo Fight Ever

Cute boys! When are they going to reach each other?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kindness go around

Offer a little kindness for others and you may get a good reward one day.

Comments from Youtube Users:

@koonal127, thumbs up for the wonderful video

Wanloqz 4 minutes ago

Nice.. Peace No War

Wanloqz 5 minutes ago

Resource based ecnomy

TheMidwestsk8ter 9 minutes ago

Someone pleeease thumbs down that fagget at the top^

TheMidwestsk8ter 14 minutes ago

@TheMidwestsk8ter done

poppazach 7 minutes ago

a  little bit exaggarated

oritze 18 minutes ago it

abhimanyukvpandey 18 minutes ago

paying it forward :)

honeyyzmilkk 29 minutes ago

kindness leaves the homeless homeless, but now we can smile at him.....

martijnmta 38 minutes ago in playlist Wachtrij

Sharing is like a boomerang. The more you send it out the more it come back. Loved that clip put a huge smile on my face.

Jammin2vibes 40 minutes ago

the world my daddy, rest his soul, taught me, was this world, It's just good manners

Sherrilos 43 minutes ago

3:08 'I don't need his stinky hotdog. Here you can eat it! Probably will give you a stomach ache'.

Bugstomper2 43 minutes ago

can i know what song used in this video?

theferociousfox 44 minutes ago

all it takes is for ONE person to pay it forward

CarolAdamson1 45 minutes ago

Amazing video!

suliquinhas 1 hour ago

Kid forgot his skateboard!

qoothecat 1 hour ago

i'm sorry for ruining it, but the kid totally forgot his skateboard and papers he dropped to help that lady... poor kid... that's gonna suck

greengreyandblue 1 hour ago

Nice Rx At 4:48

juanpenca1 1 hour ago

Pay It Forward =)

MystExia 1 hour ago

Its ....... MATISYAHU - One Day

jijufernandez 1 hour ago

My heart just exploded

dog2547 1 hour ago

what a nice & dreamy concept. am i definately sharing this? no... this is played out. i understand yeah do a little nice thing and that person will do another little nice thing and so on. that would be cool if reality were really like that, i suppose

casspoon17 1 hour ago

@casspoon17 is a good concept -it is a great plan of action. being nice only helps...may cause a little suspicion at first but really helps people to not be so jaded about life. make it a reality - don't share the video - share the love <3 MissBehavin1111 1 minute ago let me help you click the like button... tanpabukti 1 hour ago 10 Oh.... So that's where all the kindness in the world went!  WatchedProductions 1 hour ago so beautiful .. where is this? wat's the song  MGSP 1 hour ago ; } God Bless All Of You Tubers & Future Tubers : }  dnnylee 1 hour ago well, 25 people don't know how to help others :D lelouchxenryo 1 hour ago I'm strongly reminded of a story in a book of short stories written by Enid Blyton about a good deed a day or something along the line. Has anyone ever read it? Please correct me if I'm wrong. :) jcroxx 1 hour ago praise God, he is good and love conquers all!! hakunamakarla 1 hour ago Do Something positive today... Tanarus20 1 hour ago This is nice to watch, but it would ultimately be stupid to believe or even hope to believe the world will ever be like this. People are out for themselves nowadays and the majority are cunts. I can say that as i can admit myself im no different! BD0TT 1 hour ago who know this song name? yeeegeren 1 hour ago @yeeegeren One Day - matisyahu :>

TheMrSuPeRmAn24 1 hour ago

Sounds like SgtMullet needs to move!

Kennyjsk8s 1 hour ago

Beautiful cycle

gohxinyan 1 hour ago


MGSP 1 hour ago

the smile on the homeless person got me ='(

MrSpurSy 1 hour ago

Pass it Foward. Beautiful.

woodtickrae 1 hour ago

I got goosebumps... my kind of BLESSING!

mexycan2000 1 hour ago

such a beautiful thing to believe in :')

MsFigure09 1 hour ago

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SgtMullet 1 hour ago 9

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Tanarus20 1 hour ago

@SgtMullet ummm.. that is the problem! thats the message in this video lol, if One of them was smart enough it all could change!

GentleWhispering 1 hour ago in playlist Favorite videos

Extremely touching how deeply a small thing can make such a huge change.

GailChasin 1 hour ago

WOW where is this city or town ? I want to live there where people treat other with RESPECT and OPEN HEARTS...

oclouis1 1 hour ago

the " PAY IT FORWARD ' In Action! :'D

DarnoCurix 1 hour ago

yes be good and nice to human.

bergunjing 1 hour ago

i think tht kid frgt his skateboard haha love this vid

zarol95 1 hour ago

I Love The Message! If only One Day this becomes reality!

w314eva1 1 hour ago

I saw this video ... i am keep smile start until to end i am cry...

cutebaby0001 2 hours ago

this reminds me of the movie "pay it forward" :)

ChipandDale222 2 hours ago

why dont we start working on this shall we?

whatalamenameaviotss 2 hours ago 4

im dislike this video....all this is bullshit...not going happen in real life...

keep in dreaming loser... 

TheDarkcrows 2 hours ago

@TheDarkcrows It does happen, but it's got to start with you. if you don't give this then you won't see it. All your doing is telling us who you are by what you see in the world. Some day someone will come into your life and open your eyes to a far better world than you see right now.

ThePowerWithinMe 2 hours ago in playlist Favorite videos

@TheDarkcrows “Be the change you want to see in the world.” my friend, as Mahatma Gandhi said. Want to see this for real? Be the first to do it then.

LuciSeichan 2 hours ago

@TheDarkcrows  A simple act of kindness can change somebody's life. Why should I deprive somebody of the chance to see that there ARE people that care?

Indy1489 1 hour ago

This is beautiful. I only wonder why the government wasn't the one spreading all the happiness. Aren't they the ones who are responsible for making us happy?

AynRandFanJG 2 hours ago

@AynRandFanJG That's why in spite of our governments we can all rise above them and be the people they SHOULD BE. Don't wonder why... go do some good deeds.... maybe our governments will wake up one day and follow the people.

ThePowerWithinMe 1 hour ago

Everyone used to be like this, then they took an arrow in the knee

MrNiveus 2 hours ago

kindness, pass it on

guitarhero2211 2 hours ago

I cannot imagine why anyone would dislike this unless they are really, really sick.

paradoxman316 2 hours ago

Thank you for sharing this video - wonderful and important! Keep doing what you do.

Leahapalooza 2 hours ago

22 people were in tears that they accidentally pressed the dislike button and couldn't undo it :)

dopz1987 2 hours ago

just 7 hours and the view pump from 300++ to 68396!

propackping 2 hours ago

inspiring hope its always happening everyday.

beloy200 2 hours ago

The world of full humanity :)

dealine1 2 hours ago


terrycby 2 hours ago

For a second I thought that kid was going to try to skateboard the groceries across the street LOL.

greenspiraldragon 2 hours ago

This is wonderful! I guess out of 2,762 people who liked or disliked this, 22 dislikes isn't too bad of a ratio. Though its somewhat disheartening and hard to imagine what must be going on in the minds of those who actually hit the "dislike" button.

Patrickmcmillan1 2 hours ago

There's still hope :)

jcovpogikotalga 2 hours ago

Wonderful video!

1968RIP 2 hours ago

yeah, those who disliked this are definitely heartless.

quiksilver0000 2 hours ago

faith in humanity: restored.

akmalbunny 2 hours ago 2

What goes around comes around. :)

ilamochi 2 hours ago

One day

TajikRecords 2 hours ago

it will be sooo nice if our world now is such...=)

lingeshan 2 hours ago

22 people are heartless :(

yovillegammer 2 hours ago

what a wonderful world in 500m radius...

5447danny 2 hours ago 23

Why is the woman feeding the meter? There is no parked car! Was she Wonder Woman and the car is invisible?

OPMBvids 3 hours ago

What comes around goes around :)

MineDesBest 3 hours ago

superb! no words....

naveen2411 3 hours ago

What the world would look like if love was considered an intrinsic part of it...instead of a rare commodity... :/

mdlittle5466 3 hours ago

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ahnoush 3 hours ago

Comment removed

ahnoush 3 hours ago

the world wud be so beautiful if everyone does that.....

ann345 3 hours ago

Sweet!!! =D

gengli1987 3 hours ago


MythLPriest 3 hours ago

I like how they did this on one take..

richarDISNEY 3 hours ago

I wonder if the guy with the hat would be happy if the guy in the suit locked his car keys in the boot lol

DarkMedievalTimes1 3 hours ago

Beautiful video....

Yolaine 3 hours ago

fast karma similar in pay it forward

jo3f3 3 hours ago

is this something like 'paying it forward' ?

tkt3006 3 hours ago 2


syazanarisan 3 hours ago

I loved it.if we help someone then it's nt the day it comes to our door.

MILAN364741 3 hours ago

i like it,,,

obuluy 3 hours ago

Very nice video ;)

Kazuya888 3 hours ago

like it ...

pawansingh300 3 hours ago

I help out of kindness. Am trying my best to make this world like in this video. Let's be kind guys! WE CAN DO IT! =)

Tmdkiller 3 hours ago

too bad this won't happen in real life.. not in my country anyway..

sam86samss 3 hours ago

@sam86samss Be the first.

Yolaine 3 hours ago

This brought a smile on my face

Synergy1898 3 hours ago 2

awesome......really worth sharing.

saikumarmanchalaa 3 hours ago

Awesome video that keep remind people of how kindness goes around the world!

girlishyoo 3 hours ago

Came here from facebook just to click the like button... This is the best in the world full of individualistic people, yea..?

yelosadi 3 hours ago

came here from facebook just to rate it. awesome work, guys!

mickeyknoxBR 3 hours ago

We are all connected, help each other,its easy,it can only do good, The boy didnt forget his skateboard,the girls over the road if you look picked it up and meet him the otherside of the crossing. its in the eye of the beholder. love this video. peace

vandewones 4 hours ago

Nice uh.

TheYaohui 4 hours ago

The hell with the title. The title ruins everything.

jeungyihklahp 4 hours ago

this is the meaning of 'live'

tyko14ma 4 hours ago


sexpolice101 4 hours ago

One good deed leads to another. 

silentcypher 4 hours ago


killalmostwise 4 hours ago

The only video which nearly bring me down to tears and is literally the strongest video to date

Technologeekable 4 hours ago

Great video..I hope you will share it :)

swagattttt 4 hours ago

This is the lesson Haley Joel Osment taught us..... 

bcmcinnis 4 hours ago

Everyone! The song is "One Day" by Matisyahu

Thumb this up so everyone can see!

xSimpliiFy 4 hours ago 44

@xSimpliiFy you can see it in the description

MythLPriest 3 hours ago


I tot it's Sean Kingston ^^

luv the music and vid!

KGKG05 1 hour ago

18 people are heartless.

Zeeqchris 4 hours ago 13


MythLPriest 3 hours ago

@Zeeqchris Why not draw attention to the 2,780 people who aren't heartless, instead of the few that just haven't found love in their life yet? maybe by ignoring them they will be drawn to the light rather than them trying to draw us into the darkness.

ThePowerWithinMe 2 hours ago in playlist Favorite videos

Hey all, this is a video of an ideal world isn't it? As many comments here go to show, we can't even be nice to each other on a thread, let alone a on a street? We don't have to go out of our way to make someone's day, just refraining from ruining it, is a challenge in our society today. But hope we can still try? I hope we all still try, try to let violence and hatred end with you. Don't pay that forward.

szehunny 4 hours ago 2

@szehunny This is the internet. what did you expect?

Dracos1337 4 hours ago

I was smiling throughout this entire video =),if only the world was like this

XvUchihaSasukevX 4 hours ago

What is the song?

trolltr0lltroll 4 hours ago

@trolltr0lltroll ........... One Day - Matisyahu

JuGgala22 4 hours ago

Beautiful concept

arusselkm 4 hours ago

hey anyone know whats the title of the song use in this video?

ijs13 4 hours ago

@ijs13 One Day - Matisyahu

JuGgala22 4 hours ago

This has been flagged as spam show

syahzamin 4 hours ago

i love it...

thenichloe 4 hours ago

The only think that kept me watching was the song.

cmteh1 4 hours ago


segiempattepat 4 hours ago

2:50 two hot dogs without ketchup, mustard or anything....

Draenokh 4 hours ago

@lovekiki101 Oh I see.. I just have to say.. Try to think positive:)

dragfire859 4 hours ago

@dragfire859 Hey I can do that, I can think positive cuz I am an optimistic person but things like this derail my positive energy, lets all do our oart and stop racism

lovekiki101 4 hours ago


tancheehin 4 hours ago 2

Courtesy begets courtesy. Let it start from you.

thedeadcockroach 4 hours ago 2

@thedeadcockroach lmao why don't we start with you first hun

lovekiki101 4 hours ago


ZzRazorSharpzZ 4 hours ago

lol...I think everyone have a focus on the boy's skateboard as that is the starting point of the video.

Lovely video, although the video sounds unreal. But it does broadcast it's message that we can pass our kindness around easily, sometimes with cash if you could afford. But most of the times, is from our hearts.

But I don't really understand the lady in the restaurant session with the flowers...may be someone could enlighten me on this.

goslmka 4 hours ago

@goslmka the lady in the restaurant is lonely,,,maybe her husband or her son/daughter already gone.... you can look at the other girls at the restaurant..they were so happy with each other than the the girl bought bunch of flowers to make the lady feel appreciated!

hannahceceliahc 2 hours ago

Life is full of Karma.... be positive in everything you do and you'll get the benefit in the long run :))

shaniz11 4 hours ago

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munkeynut 4 hours ago

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munkeynut 4 hours ago

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munkeynut 4 hours ago

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munkeynut 4 hours ago

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munkeynut 4 hours ago

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munkeynut 4 hours ago

Oh shiz. Awesome. :D

LeGrandPradoRebutar 4 hours ago

@lovekiki101 Fron the comment I see below.. I think that you are just being too sensitive of what people are saying about other racist. I can say that the rest of them have no intention to be racist. And I just think that you are being unreasonable for judging others the wrong way.

dragfire859 4 hours ago

@dragfire859 Ihave not judged anyone, all I said is the way that the African race is being portrayed is an unfavourable one. End of story, this is my view as I am African. Am I being sensitive? Maybe but I cannot help but feel like my race is being victimized in this scenario

lovekiki101 4 hours ago

the song name is 'Matisyahu ft Acon - One Day'

Mrdaidera82 5 hours ago

I Love it ... It dose happen xxx

mijulesthc 5 hours ago

what goes around comes around...

Sheginjo 5 hours ago

the only thing i don't like about the video is how a black man is the homeless one and there isn't any other black examples... and it's like showing how kindness affects even a black man to not steal the cellphone

Mixikyr 5 hours ago

@Mixikyr Yes, yes and Yes finally someone gets what I'm saying. Please educate these ppl

lovekiki101 5 hours ago

This has been flagged as spam show

munkeynut 5 hours ago

lovekiki101 <--------ANTI-WHITE. Racist bitch, die of aids ya cunt munkeynut 5 hours ago @munkeynut Typical response I would expect from an uneducate, illeterate, self absorbed rodent like yourself...but feel free to carry on lovekiki101 5 hours ago @lovekiki101 Haha, seems you have no friends. Whats up?? no job?? you spend all day fail big time. Only racist here is you. You give negro's a bad name. Fucking retard go dig me some diamonds bitch. munkeynut 5 hours ago @munkeynut Hello and welcome to my blog. Im a 29 year old builder Im living in Nuneaton... Shakespeare's county of Warwickshire, England. Im single, looking forward to traveling the Trans-Mongolian railway. Please know that I have your information lovekiki101 5 hours ago @lovekiki101 HAHAHAH, so you went to my blog LMFAO thats what its for!!! thanks for the payment, u really are dumb munkeynut 5 hours ago @munkeynut Also you "ART" SUCKS, LMAO lovekiki101 5 hours ago @lovekiki101 Please keep viewing........each click is a payment!! munkeynut 4 hours ago @lovekiki101 Come on ya racist....keep viewing my blog, every page please. Share it me! LMFAO dumb fucka munkeynut 4 hours ago this is stupid. why would someone help another with no strings attached in modern day society? More likely you'll get sued for poking your nose where it doesn't belong. Dracos1337 5 hours ago lovekiki101 <,-- DIE OF AIDS U FUCKING SPEAR CHUCKA! munkeynut 5 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show SmileMas 5 hours ago negro tramp got back to his stool and some fucker had stole his hot dog! munkeynut 5 hours ago @munkeynut Racist.... lovekiki101 5 hours ago @lovekiki101 Dumb bastard how is that racist???????? the person is a negro. I fi had calle dhim a n*gger that would of been racist. U my friends are obviously have racist tendancies...or you would realise. munkeynut 5 hours ago @munkeynut You called him a negro tramp, I know you probably don't know this but africans are human as well. If you had typed the homeless guy or just refer to the situation everyone would know who you are referring to...but you had to bring his RACE into the equation...smh lovekiki101 5 hours ago @lovekiki101 Is he or is he not BLACK??????. thats nice racist u fucking retard. GET OVER YA'SEN. munkeynut 5 hours ago @munkeynut You do know that you can have a conversation without cursing or resorting to name calling right? Just informaing you... lovekiki101 5 hours ago @lovekiki101 Grammar is important too, thats how we understand 'helping you're uncle Jack off a horse and helping you're uncle Jack off an horse. munkeynut 5 hours ago @lovekiki101 You turned it into a race issue.....dumb bitch. The person is a negro, black. By calling me white, would that make u a racist too? i think not. Get a life u fucking retard. munkeynut 5 hours ago @munkeynut lol! Dracos1337 5 hours ago I can't believe to see the top comments. YES the boy forgot his skateboard! but really that's what you guys got from this video? some of you might think this is unreal. but THIS CAN ACTUALLY HAPPEN! If only you start to remember to give 1 simple kindness to other people EVERYDAY. it doesn't matter how big your contribution is. it is all counted! thats why the videos started from only the man who helped the boy get back up. let anyone know about this! jamezhalim 5 hours ago 55 @jamezhalim nah, we kinda got the kindness thing inside already. we found the skateboard intriguing too. Azner2254 4 hours ago suprisingly..many Malaysian are sharing this on if you are one of them! crestory 5 hours ago 40 we will not be a poor by helping others JihadYouth 5 hours ago sounded like wavin flag by knaan radicalteh 5 hours ago this is ta'wun concept in Islam JihadYouth 5 hours ago he's being nice and giving his skateboard away, or maybe he's setting a booby trap either way its still funny. GoogIeMeNoob 5 hours ago i don't get why the girl would give a random lady a bunch of flowers..... r3i123 5 hours ago @r3i123 I think its because she looked lonely. maybe she doesn't have any family left. you can see she is an old lady and she was envious when looking the gathering from the other table. that's probably why she gave her the flowers. jamezhalim 5 hours ago Pay it forward.. Trevor's utopia coming true. :) luckykid160194 5 hours ago we keep living the lie in front of our pc...the real world is out there and it;s gonna end real soon autosenamhden 5 hours ago Comment removed darkvicious23 5 hours ago Comment removed darkvicious23 5 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show darkvicious23 5 hours ago heart touching video .........!! MultiLegend80 5 hours ago this is one of the sweetest video i have seen. missfun24 5 hours ago can someone explain to me about the part where the girl in red, why did she bought the flower for that lady? c4un544n5 5 hours ago @c4un544n5 the old lad looked lonely. maybe she doesn't have any family left. esp seeing the lovely friends from the other table. thats probably why the girl gives those flowers :) jamezhalim 5 hours ago @c4un544n5 actually, i also didnt get the part. anyhow, the video is awesome. missfun24 5 hours ago its what the value it matters.. 131ll13 5 hours ago That was wonderful, thank you saltyfishlvr 5 hours ago So why the BLACK MAN gotta be a homeless person?????? Racist much... lovekiki101 5 hours ago @lovekiki101 thats not racism, more like a stereotype Lycerate 5 hours ago @Lycerate At least you get my point, you got all theses WHITE ppl being something: vendor, waitress, granny making grocery. Then you get to the black and BOOM...Homeless person...Am like really..... lovekiki101 5 hours ago @lovekiki101 y do u have 2 judge a video in that aspect? anyhow, tat black guy was the sweetest one among all of them, he could have just steal or keep that thing with himself, but it is so nice of him to return it to the girl. missfun24 5 hours ago @missfun24 lol you are a mess. You see how you are sterotyping us, by stating that the homeless black man could also be a thief....You ppl kill me, racism will always be around once we have videos like these and ppl like you enforcing this type of scenarios and telling me a BLACK WOMAN that it's ok to portray my black men and good for nothing thieves.... lovekiki101 5 hours ago @lovekiki101 omg, why r u thinking in such a way, dude. i didnt mean anthing in that way. missfun24 5 hours ago @missfun24 I tell it like I see it, years from now when someone sees this video what do you think they will see? The exact same thing that I saw. Why a white man couldn't be the homeless guy, out of all the things for an African to be portrayed as in this vid it has to be what society looks at as not being part of the society. Is this really how you feel about Africans aka black people. Listen my friend I am worth much more than a piece of bread and a bottled water... lovekiki101 5 hours ago @lovekiki101 no one isolate or tink of tat black guy in that perspective till u commented in such a way. so, who is discriminating the black fellow? mayb u should stop thinking in such a way. i have no comment already in this matter. it's up to u , how u want to think about the world outside there. missfun24 5 hours ago @missfun24 You simply cannot comrehend where I am coming from. As part of the African race we face more scrunity from the world of any other race. This is unfair. Until you put yourself in my shoe you would NEVER understand the way that Racial Victimization makes a persome feel. lovekiki101 5 hours ago what the fuck . 17 dislikes ? are they human ? shinntss 5 hours ago i normally will not tease those who dislike a video, but for this one, please forgive me for being too mean, dont u all (the 17 people) feel that it enlightened u all to start doing good deed? FFBAK 5 hours ago One Day! loudafool30 5 hours ago A lot of trouble for just 1 glass of water.. :D One act of random kindness a day will make the world a better place to stay! 4HahaTwo 6 hours ago Boy looks like Beiber! He be payin it forward! lyndonnorton1981 6 hours ago I remember the movie "Pay it Forward" ..... wingondemand 6 hours ago Waow touching...! :) nevin12344 6 hours ago towards "ONE DAY"..counting start.. day one... killr0y51 6 hours ago WAIT, what do you mean that the camera was not rolling ?! smallboy2542 6 hours ago This was so lovely. But.... a Rastafarian eating a PORK hotdog? Um.... no. niftybean 6 hours ago the kid's school bag is so new, the tag is still on lol manusleung 6 hours ago 2 @manusleung OMG. You noticed that. You my friend are so full of win XD RuGaard77222 6 hours ago what is the song??? beautiful... ellalwin 6 hours ago then video really match with the song "one day" kinfui 6 hours ago May i know the artist and title of this song please ?? EijiiKimura 6 hours ago nice ^^ teddycomel 6 hours ago ONE DAY WHO KNOW WHEN... Tashtoubica 6 hours ago Thank you - Pass the BATON - watch the movie Play it Forward... Random acts of kindness - if we could ALL only care & share what we have & what we know, & open our eyes, ears, minds & hearts we will have peace & joy in the World <3 Peace buxton59 6 hours ago the funny thing is... the boy didn't go back to retrieve his skateboard... :P MrTonystark8888 6 hours ago 21 3:10 is just so touching. i almost cried when i saw the smile on the homeless guy ;( TheYk002 6 hours ago 16people sink when wearing life vest tootoobig1 6 hours ago Be aware everybody! The kingdom is here and now, just realise it and spread the good news to everyone you know! Spread love so that our world may heal fully and everyone is free to live their life to the fullest! SOCRATES012 7 hours ago Sometimes, holding the door for someone is more kindness than what most others give... gfskill2 7 hours ago what is the music? JOBERALA 7 hours ago i used to be like this, but again i took an arrow to the knee kurtpanic 7 hours ago @kurtpanic bored with that joke. langitgrey 7 hours ago It takes so little but it affects others so much.. Why cant we do that? chiajll77 7 hours ago 2 the dislike bar is so small that i can't see it! SibuTNTcorps 7 hours ago 2 Ojalá que todos fueramos asi, ya no por esperar que regrese el bien que hacemos, si no para hacer de este un mundo mejor. I wish all were, and not expected to return the good we do, but to make this a better world. jsiddharthalc 7 hours ago there is an error in this video,it has dislike button... ckjared 7 hours ago may i noe wat is the name of this song???/ freemanloverzz 7 hours ago @freemanloverzz one day - matisyahu its in the credits sixthses 7 hours ago Amazing.. One single camera shoot. highlanderX88 7 hours ago which city is this? I'm moving there! athlon866 7 hours ago 2 You want to know why things like this don't happen? Just take a look at the comments on the dislikers... Hypocrisy much? If you can't spare a kind word for someone whom you don't even know, for an opinion they want to express on a PUBLIC website, for a reason that, again, you know nothing about...don't. Just don't. Hate to preach, but this needed to be said. SeraphicBlue9 7 hours ago 9 That's life. kimkong05 7 hours ago this only will happen in video~ in real life~ when you need help, will they really going to help??? edwinchw 8 hours ago @edwinchw that's whats the whole video is all about... do you help every person u see that needs help? do you treat everybody that crosses with your life with love, care and kindness? if you do... good will come back to you... though not immediately, but sometime in the future... karma says so... MrTonystark8888 7 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show Fotokiwi 8 hours ago Chain Reaction of goodness will never end.. Z666ful 8 hours ago I actually cried.... :'( Litepak10 8 hours ago 3 @Litepak10 me 2 MyMysteryworldPlace 7 hours ago Pay it forward. nurizra 8 hours ago I remember reading about something like this before :) If they can't repay back the kindness to the people who helped them, they'll pass on the kindness to someone else :) And in the end, you'll get rewarded :) PrimoWing 8 hours ago 3 At 0:45 the boy puts his skateboard down to help the old lady. WHY U NO OBSERVANT D: Hiaxsy 8 hours ago 12 @GrandeLawlacast because her date didnt come or late letmemakeitjuicyla 8 hours ago why don't we set ourself a target. Help at least one person a day if we are out.  yvliew 8 hours ago Why did the lady buy the flowers for another lady? Can anyone tell me? o.o GrandeLawlacast 8 hours ago 4 @GrandeLawlacast the lady is lonely...maybe because her husband or daughter/son already can look at the other girls next to the lady table..they were so happy...thats why that girl give the lady bunch of flowers to make the lady feel appreciated!! at least someone care about her!!!!! hannahceceliahc 2 hours ago its similiar to a movie called "Pay It Foward" <3 acabuzair2 9 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu 67550085 9 hours ago Why this vid was not in HD edmundtang90 9 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show thatmetalguy85 9 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show thatmetalguy85 9 hours ago The street full of people in need... yunkai09 9 hours ago The boy forgot his skateboard....why did the girl buy flower for the lady? And why would the waitress suddenly brought the glass of water for the worker? ;-) MichaelTadashi 9 hours ago The was a movie is called "pay it forward" which is about doing good things for people and paying it forward faceless133mhz 9 hours ago @faceless133mhz I watched it too. he died... yunkai09 9 hours ago @yunkai09 I hope YOU die. jasperdel24 5 hours ago @jasperdel24 phillipines bitch gtfo yunkai09 5 hours ago So what goes around, comes around. watchupclose 9 hours ago In a monetary system, democracy is an illusion perpetuated to give the populace a feeling of participation in a so-called democratic process. /watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w ubuntuguruCOZA 9 hours ago Those that dislike this video are THE INCONSIDERATE ONES. The WORLD IS BETTER WITHOUT THEM.... hahalandboo 9 hours ago 45 @hahalandboo we should forgive them. because we are kindness @@ SeanL0125 6 hours ago @hahalandboo then start working on 80% of the world. RuGaard77222 6 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show bjorn457 9 hours ago may i noe what is this song?? popoio3 9 hours ago @popoio3 its one day by matisyahu :)) hahalandboo 9 hours ago can't understand how can people dislike this!! :{ sabinsales 9 hours ago if we contribute the kindness we will get back the kindness in return popoio3 9 hours ago Spread the love nibro2010 9 hours ago in playlist Favorite videos i dare to said that 14 people are demon TheZedain89 9 hours ago why did she put money in a parking meter when there is no car there? Casper3417 9 hours ago THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT! :) 1 PLANET 1 PEOPLE 1 LOVE :) thatmetalguy85 9 hours ago it's like pay it forward :) kata241 9 hours ago i live around these people,,here in heaven Rxeren 9 hours ago awesome :d MrBountoh 9 hours ago Good video. But In real life, those kind of attitudes are so RARE ~~ Gmac2cool 9 hours ago people need to be like each other so we can live in peace... darksideillusionist 9 hours ago let spread the love the power of a people is strong!!! nibro2010 9 hours ago this video shows that our kindness will be paid............ Peter9539 10 hours ago 1:15 I thought he was supposed to turn and go back to his friends? dearlyann 10 hours ago too bad not everyone is like that HBRJMX 10 hours ago o.O This video really Bright My Day!! Love is All Around :)))) MrHopefu11y 10 hours ago This is what I called Pass On The Kindness =) AprilFool369 10 hours ago Comment removed brendalg4 10 hours ago This really made me smile. :] jonweisberg01 10 hours ago Pay It Forward (2000) seanlee73 10 hours ago Did anyone wondered where did the boy's skateboard gone? cuityzhuzhu 10 hours ago 50 @cuityzhuzhu 0.45 (: DoraemonLoverTiine 9 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu it is not gone. he juz left it behind before he helped old lady. Gmac2cool 9 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu he will take it back after helped the old lady(if its not gone) theshaizey 9 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu he put a side ald... Werner3610 9 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu He left it at the bench before he went to help the old lady. ishou80 9 hours ago Comment removed SaltShakerz93 8 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu He put it down before he Helped that Old woman jarren97 8 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu See 0:45 koolgudguy 8 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu he put it near the post 0:45 Aeric80 8 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu he put it beside the lamp post before helping the old woman. mbadidu 8 hours ago 2 @cuityzhuzhu He put it at the pole at 0:46 Xyf3rse 7 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu It's behind the lamp post. Look carefully highlanderX88 7 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu He left it before he helped the old lady... and totally forgot about it.. LOL Replay... reginaldsapphire 7 hours ago @cuityzhuzhu you should watch 0:46 ckjared 7 hours ago Title of the song is One day by Matisyahu MrTotingtinga 10 hours ago Very beautiful video. It made me smile :D Wildwrast 10 hours ago Paying forward instead of paying back :) toosleepytowakeup 10 hours ago paying it forward :) appletoez 10 hours ago make it~9 people dont have hearts~~LOL..y the dislikes? elmi0607 10 hours ago what goes around comes around... TheHermantos 10 hours ago what song is this?  NadineGan 10 hours ago @NadineGan Matisyahu - One day  MrTotingtinga 10 hours ago I like this. GyeBettaFighter 10 hours ago A small video clip yet very meaningful. can make peace through small efforts whiteflower231 11 hours ago Comment removed adas91 11 hours ago oneday.. burgerandcats 11 hours ago Watch the original /watch?v=nwAYpLVyeFU ZackAylwin 11 hours ago 8 people don't have heart adas91 11 hours ago why am I crying.. ? tmdwo94 11 hours ago Only if u can't wakeup & forever sleep in your dream world. Sorry, true alway sad & hurts... SuperBakuTeh 11 hours ago Wat song is that? i like it MrRamenful 11 hours ago @MrRamenful "One Day" by Matisyahu featuring Nameless. It's another version featured on the "Listen Up! The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup" Album jtvlim 10 hours ago 8 people are forever alone faezlimpbizkit 11 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show TheHelperForAll 11 hours ago what a goody goody world lol but oh my how i wish if i live like this! god bless us~ ^_^ matsuchan92 11 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show TheHelperForAll 11 hours ago If only we live in a world like this. <3 FaaarPS 11 hours ago 11 This has been flagged as spam show TheHelperForAll 11 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show TheHelperForAll 11 hours ago What happened to the skateboard? Did it get stolen? Btw, it would be a nice touch if the contruction guy was the kid's dad... BayernMunich4life31 11 hours ago anyone knows what the song in this vid ?? jackblablabla 11 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show TheHelperForAll 11 hours ago All he wanted is just a glass of water... adrianowongs 11 hours ago what goes arounds,comes good to others,and they will be good to you... jakester1998 11 hours ago @jakester1998 That's the universal karmic law. arahantomph 11 hours ago Song title pleaseeee ? Danwonq 11 hours ago watch in hd: watch?v=nwAYpLVyeFU description: Watch as the camera tracks an act of kindness as its passed from one individual to the next and manages to boomerang back to the person who set it into motion. rikool123 11 hours ago wow smiles and tears :') BlackzSmoke 11 hours ago In Malaysia, they still talk about being Malay and Muslim first. Everything else is secondary. No wonder this country is so backward. arahantomph 12 hours ago @arahantomph Really? I mean, Malaysia is going backwards? In what term? muwaimin 12 hours ago @muwaimin Mentality and economically. arahantomph 12 hours ago @arahantomph lied faezlimpbizkit 11 hours ago @arahantomph you are so damn wrong you got no life faezlimpbizkit 11 hours ago @faezlimpbizkit If you can't argue constructively, then just stfu. You are just like the many people that I mentioned. arahantomph 10 hours ago @arahantomph dude, i live in Malaysia, and i'm chinese bro, btw, i don't have any heart feelings for you..but try to think before you write..not ALL OF THEM..only like 0.01% that took malay and muslims first?..dude, we are one big family..yeah, you got no life :) faezlimpbizkit 7 hours ago @faezlimpbizkit dude, did i say ALL OF THEM are like that ? Read before you reply. Yeah, on the surface it looks like one big family. Then what is all the bumiputra this and bumiputra that ? I'm talking about a higher level, not the general public. But i dun think you can see it coz you got no life. arahantomph 6 hours ago @arahantomph at least they care about their People Bro. Singapore is a Piece of Shi* on the Globe. Being here for 6 years Pisses me off to hell. RuGaard77222 6 hours ago 3 huhuhu i cried :( Quibodg 12 hours ago ^_^ AzwanZam93 12 hours ago if onli the world was like this, it would be so much for happier to live in exodia94 12 hours ago who the hell in this world would like to dislike this video ? Seriously they have to change, like this video....  One day :) manijay89 12 hours ago pay it forward...~*~ cassidysmomify 12 hours ago That white guy didnt even put ketchup or mustard on the daym hot dog b4 giving it to the black dude... adipsplayer 12 hours ago i love touching nelson625 12 hours ago beautiful. MrMarkiepoop 12 hours ago currently our world is not as beautiful, but everything can start from us~ :) hope for brighter future~ ricchthefallenangel 12 hours ago what song is this? its so nice saige374 12 hours ago @saige374 "One Day" by Matisyahu =) cassidysmomify 12 hours ago Try this link /watch?v=QbICjWI7Vrw . You judge. Zahyr99 12 hours ago what are they trying to sell? MrRtek84 12 hours ago This what Islam teaches us. Islam doesn't teach me the act of terrorism instead Islam teach me how to preach peace. Please don't always mock our religion. Peace. Just my two cents ;) Zahyr99 12 hours ago 2 trust me no way tis will happen in the current world.. =) when they see people in need of help, no 1 will give a damn about them lolz SalvanageZ 12 hours ago what they trying to sell? MrRtek84 12 hours ago @MrRtek84 PSA iFrakAsian 12 hours ago @MrRtek84 love MrMarkiepoop 12 hours ago simple gestures of light and handy good deeds. demonhill 12 hours ago It starts with you. soulifyer 13 hours ago 6 dislikes??? are they not human??? or are they too arrogant to be kind... DarrenWee92 13 hours ago 20 @DarrenWee92 its 9  Billgates730 10 hours ago got tears in my eyes. it is just too beautiful.. i will help people who in need. i will always lend a hand to the poor and hungry.. no more war.. love never fails! theshaizey 13 hours ago if only the world is slow, the time is moving so slow like this video, it would be a happier world. waykitang 13 hours ago if everyone is like this, there will be no more war. MrOhYeahBabe 13 hours ago 10 its very beautiful when everybody lend a helping hand to each other <3 just beautiful ^^ 03127 13 hours ago finally, this is the real deal that all of us, human should do and practices in our daily life. manuknapatai 13 hours ago asia also have many very good heart people....and i`m asia...and i proud of it.... 541523 13 hours ago "LIKE" this if you want our world to be like this UnstoppableZK 13 hours ago i teared when i saw the guy giving the dude the hotdog. im asian and i am honest dat these stuff dont happen in asia. Im gonna start today. Enterfy 13 hours ago @sayonara123 why asia ? this won't happen if everyone is like YOU , racist bastard! LucaFish91 13 hours ago 6 peoples are son of a bitch =) chinhuey91 14 hours ago i just realised that the last guy is the 1st guy who helps the kid. circle of kindness lolaken12345 14 hours ago 4 watching it over and over again !=D Never4EverAlone 14 hours ago We should make a change... And it begin today! :D Love this video.. :D Tialafienea 14 hours ago sayonara123 , even won't happen to others, but important thing is from yourself.^_^ allentan73 14 hours ago 13 This is what should we do.We should start now to do give our generation kindness world.thump up please~to let them know give this world a better generation ~ TheToshiro96 14 hours ago 2 what song is this? so nice caracal300 14 hours ago @caracal300 One Day by Matisyahu;) iloveleeminho11 14 hours ago @caracal300 One Day - Matisyahu hankee521 13 hours ago Do you see the dislike bar? Nope, I don't. Chips556 14 hours ago 2 LIKE!  Crazymike831 14 hours ago if only the world was like this.... :) theeWanderingSoul 14 hours ago 2 @sayonara123 den make it happen.. PrinceXable 14 hours ago Wouldnt your wish be seeing them growing up in a good environment.The kid forgets his skateboard because he's priority is helping that old lady.Why not we do such kind acts,and make the world a better place to live in.Comment,share,like this video to spread the joy of kindness lycanoperation 14 hours ago Such a touching video,I Wonder why would anyone dislike such videos?Guys who says it isnt gonna happen in asia?The reason why this dosent happen in asia is because we keep thinking of ourself only.But if we change our mindset,what would the world be?We all want our future generation to live in a world of peace and happiness. lycanoperation 14 hours ago who cried watching this omg willowsummer9 14 hours ago How nice if this was the world we live in. Pass the love on this Christmas. bolosantosi19 14 hours ago 3:16 the guy smile :) xhappynickx 14 hours ago 6 people have no heart. eeldnomsed 14 hours ago That kid forgot his skateboard... hydrater 14 hours ago fake world ragson87 14 hours ago 6 of them are not watching this video ! Simply clicked on dislikes, GTFO ! TheMelodyMir 14 hours ago THUMBS UP if ya got a tear in yer eye... PEACE! ~a~ AdonisKingAXC 15 hours ago 37 To those from Malaysia that said this happens...what are you guys on? Must be some wicked stuff :P Seriously, while I agree that SOME people MIGHT do this, chances are when you leave your wallet behind in M'sia it'll disappear faster than you can turn around to look for it. And helping an old lady cross the road? She'll be lucky if she doesn't get mugged. Get real people- if stuff like this happened everyday, everywhere, there wouldn't BE a need for videos like this. Here's hoping, though. (Y) SeraphicBlue9 15 hours ago @SeraphicBlue9 kindness needs your help on positivity! :) MariMakanBersama 14 hours ago @SeraphicBlue9 exactly the same thing I thought! hahaha me951129 14 hours ago @SeraphicBlue9  in malaysia it happen.. but 0.001% ahaha~ whitesprada89 14 hours ago @whitesprada89 Betul tu, orang jatuh, kita tengok je tak tolong. Atau kalau orang accident kereta, people will take the number plate of the car and use as sports toto number. rvind92g 14 hours ago @SeraphicBlue9 unfortunately, this is true... xInterlude 13 hours ago AMEN! AdonisKingAXC 15 hours ago Amazing!! Whats the name of the song btw? helloanygoodbye 15 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show mrskaloot 15 hours ago This has been flagged as spam show mrskaloot 15 hours ago I just wish those people that I help before will kindly help other people just like I help them. SukkyYiNg286 15 hours ago any idea whats the name of the song? ellengcl 15 hours ago @ellengcl One Day - Matisyahu.... yeaahhhh..!! i just help u find the u go help others... ;) mrskaloot 15 hours ago If only the real world is the same as this............ BojanGons 15 hours ago I really like it this MV , i hope this world still have this kind of people! herocyrus 15 hours ago Life will be so amazing if everyone willing to do that. sueteesnowee 15 hours ago Good video. I hope it will serve as a wake up call to the world. If you start treating other kind, then others will do the same to you eventually...:) jennguat 15 hours ago What you do for the least of these... JIYkp 15 hours ago The man that it ended with should of spread the kindness by giving the skateboard back to the kid. Then it goes in circles. NattieGirl99 15 hours ago why the black guy gotta be homeless? cutepoison98 15 hours ago brilliant ... harindadewa 15 hours ago who in the right mind would dislike this, i mean seriously...>.>

alcoholcat 15 hours ago 2

IF only this is the world we are inD:

MrLegendman13 15 hours ago

its not that it doesnt happen in asia, it just doesnt happen to you.

FoggyDucks 15 hours ago

The kid who helped the old woman carry the bags forgets his skateboard

Firas9224 15 hours ago

Comment removed

azheng66 15 hours ago

Very creative. 

Bhote3 15 hours ago

Good vids! I hope we can apply those in our daily life...

mashmine 15 hours ago

I bet the girl was shit scared when the black guy ran up to her and tapped her shoulder.

salibim 15 hours ago

never happen in asia? cut the crap out sayonara........

siopon88 16 hours ago

I believe the 5 dislikes are from Chinese people

Syncaszil 16 hours ago

@Syncaszil im chinese from malaysia & i do love this video.

and my 5 friends are viewing as well.. =)

johncruiseorz 15 hours ago

one day..

things will change :)

deanglory 16 hours ago

fake... when a girl finds and return yr wallet, you get lucky with her

D00dst3r 16 hours ago

One kindness leads to another. I LOVE IT! And I did smile and feel like crying while watching this video. ^^

ErnaNoorFatihah 16 hours ago

LIfe starts with you and ends with you .. life is Journey..Make ur journey pleasant

ashokren 16 hours ago

To help other 7,010,XXX,XXX people in this world, it only just take 1 small step from us. So start it today....

saqacaq 17 hours ago

Comment removed

sayonara123 17 hours ago 30

@sayonara123 Who the hell told you ? , Asia is Helpful !!

MrxAskar 16 hours ago

@sayonara123 Why not? IT can start from you =)

jamescrisis 16 hours ago

@sayonara123 Well, u can be the first to start this act of kindness..=) It takes just one act to start..=)

alwynho 15 hours ago

It DO> :)

seishirou96 14 hours ago

@sayonara123 China* 

starrymaker 14 hours ago


zerogstudio 13 hours ago

@sayonara123 Im one of them! Everyone can do it too!!

Ednor23 13 hours ago

@sayonara123 some part of Asia, yes. not entirely. 

manuknapatai 13 hours ago

@sayonara123 while its true that asia is relatively more cynical (no racist but honestly in urban China this is very unlikely) i've seen it happen before in Thailand, Singapore etc :)

xInterlude 13 hours ago

you people who say stuff like "4 people are retards" or "i would love to kill 4 people" are missing the whole point of this video.

xiaopower 17 hours ago

What goes around comes around.

Nice video. Thumbs up!

RoyMcAvoy 17 hours ago

love the song...=)

Junior93501 17 hours ago

I Would love to Kill 4 PEOPLE!!!

YouDeadMan13 18 hours ago 4

@YouDeadMan13 Then u are belongs to one of them... no more kindness

centurier 14 hours ago


Spread the Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Akandos 18 hours ago

i smile and cry at e same time watching this.. i wonder why..

neilmond 18 hours ago

I Wish all The People was like This People :(

YouDeadMan13 18 hours ago

that boy forgotten his skateboard.

hauyean86 18 hours ago

I'm wondering. When will be that "One Day"? *sign.

hate12x 18 hours ago

in reality, there is always someone that break the chain :)

MrIstiko 19 hours ago

4 guys who hate this are RETARDS

HAYASHI948 19 hours ago 3

This is obviously not going to happen.

PirateKing1256 20 hours ago

just please,stop criticizing on this video.why don't you just do something good today?just advising

SuperPinkpanther11 17 hours ago

@SuperPinkpanther11 I didn't criticize the video. You are reading too much.

PirateKing1256 17 hours ago

@SuperPinkpanther11 Sayonara123 also said the same thing.

PirateKing1256 16 hours ago

pay it forward

Jamatastic 21 hours ago 2

Jesus said Love thy neighbor as thyself!

Loretta7718 21 hours ago

4 people must have a guilty concious

xS0u1zx 21 hours ago

love thy neighbor as thyself...thanks for the upload..

kigitau 21 hours ago

To whom which uploaded this awesome video, just as you know, you my dear friend its the most kind to share this video with us, god bless....

Marcuslovearts 21 hours ago

for that who dislikes i think you are not human may i know why you do that ??

MrHamadaHelal 22 hours ago

thumbs up if u smile from the heart when watching tis video =)

xlucif3rx 22 hours ago 3

@Zeemas no, the man at the end is the same as at the beginning..

TheSteini96 22 hours ago

Within ourself, start a chain of kindness..

nazriesefira 22 hours ago

faith in humanity restored

tetrachloromethane 22 hours ago 3

love this...just wish it were that quick!

faeriekat1 23 hours ago

this is better than avicii

rabbitr3st 23 hours ago

if you made a good things , it will return to you in no time..

grooggs 1 day ago

but no one said thank you in after they get helped

EmailSinoWong 1 day ago


ChewyBite 1 day ago

Which street is this? I'm moving over.

tomiverycute 1 day ago

doing a small favor for the others, making the world a better place,

One Day we all grow old, and when we do, would you rather,

be watching the world coming to an end, filled with hatred and anger,

or a peaceful and harmonious world, where,

everyone has the heart to help one another,

feeling loved wherever you go, wherever you are.

chinesepaladinrox 1 day ago

I don't give a f**k if it doesn't happen in reality.

I just wan2 do it.

igniz17173 1 day ago

Who else smile when watching this video throughout?

hengyijun 1 day ago 36

let love fill this world

wulin0841 1 day ago

Totally awesome! Single take!

j0hnsonx 1 day ago

The awkward moment when you realise that the boy never took his skateboard back

uberliang 1 day ago 21

@uberliang Yeah, I was like "Oh shit, kid's gonna be sad."

Eghhhh 23 hours ago

@uberliang he picked it up, then he dropped it off at the tree, prolly headed back

Azner2254 15 hours ago

@Azner2254 But he walked off in the other direction!

uberliang 15 hours ago

@uberliang hahaha you're right. dayum

Azner2254 11 hours ago

@uberliang oh wait, he went in the other direction

Azner2254 15 hours ago

@Azner2254 ok he went to catch up with his friends and ask them to wait up and then he goes back get his skateboard ok???

yvliew 8 hours ago

Sunday, January 22, 2012

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